Mr. Sanjay is Experienced Director, and A strong professional skilled in Marketing Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development,

Last Updated - April 03 2018

Currently serving in Carlton Business School, Mr. Sanjay is a strong professional skilled in Marketing Management, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Marketing Strategy, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Over his long and successful career, Mr. Fedrick Sanjay relates best to the students’ required and offers the need counselling. These counselling sessions help the students in choosing the best career track to achieve their aspirations. Mr. Sanjay has served the following companies (I nurture Education Solutions, Roots Business School, WLC I, HR-One Management Consultants, Magnus School of Business, SSI Ltd, Anurag Infotech, Steag Electronics) in different positions of high responsibility.

Mr. Sanjay’s experience in the education sector

I possess two decades of comprehensive experience in the education sector which comprises IT training and management education. So, we can conclude that education sector is the best sector to work in because of these reasons. The prime reason for me to work in the education sector is that it enables me to impact the careers of students and make a difference in their lives by enabling them to go to the next level in their careers and also because it gives me a sense of responsibility to guide young minds to become leaders in their future with specific reference to management.

Significant challenges faced by Mr. Sanjay as the Director of Carlton Business School

Mainly, there were a couple of challenges faced by me. The first challenge in the present context of education is rapidly making strides in all areas, be it in terms of technology or in terms of society was ensuring that the students studying the program with us get the best practical exposure from the business school in terms of the updated curriculum as opposed to merely teaching them theoretical stuff, teaching them ethics and values, analytical skills, training required, innovative pedagogy, being industry willing to face the challenges of the corporate world in their future careers vis-à-vis other b-schools.

The second challenge was to ensure that we offer quality education with lots of value-add at the most economical cost making business education affordable to all those who are interested in studying management education.

Curriculum in Carlton Business School

Our program is a well rounded program where we teach the student to be an all-rounder, a generalist rather than a specialist so that he can get to work in any industry with the knowledge earned, learning all the specializations along with the added advantage of  learning skills in IT, entrepreneurship, operations which would help them to assume bigger responsibilities in their jobs and careers as employees or as entrepreneurs providing jobs to other and making a difference to the society, start-ups is the main focus.

The curriculum is designed and revisions are made keeping in mind the latest industry trends, digital economy and market requirements. The emphasis is to make the curriculum connect theory to exercise and equip students to be able to meet the requirements of the ever-changing required of the industry. All inputs are taken from key stakeholders of the management education (viz, industry, academia, and alumni).

Goals in mind for Carlton Business School for the next few years

To be the best B-school in a niche segment (quality education at an economical cost), offer the best of the exercises in the business education to students (focus on ethics and leadership and doing their best for the society with emphasis on the Indian business model) and to offer experiential learning via internships/projects and focus on outbound experiential learning so that they can face the world head on and be work willing.

Quality of education in Carlton Business School

Quality Teaching, experiential learning, robust pedagogy, innovative thinking, visits to industry (local, national and international) and industry-led teaching assignments and projects ensure the quality of education in Carlton Business School.

Mr. Sanjay’s relationship with the students

I share a good relationship with them by being empathetic to all their required, reaching out to them, taking feedback and acting on the same and also sharing the common goals, vision and mission of the B-School.

The growth of students via placement opportunities available at Carlton Business School

The growth of the students has been excellent, right from the days of their internship to the final placements they have evolved in their careers. Students get practical exposure in the classroom via the faculty from the industry and work on practical projects and internships which gives them an ample scope to hone their skills and showcase their talent to the corporate. They are also trained in-house via our finishing school to ensure that they are having the requisite skills to crack the Interviews and secure good assignments.

The only way to push the envelope further is by providing them with more internship opportunities to enable them to get the best possible practical exposure so that they secure good jobs. We are working on providing them mentorships where they get to be mentored by industry’s top management whilst working on virtual internships.

Mr. Sanjay’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

My philosophy of leadership is providing the right platform to the team to enable them to give their best, being empowered, giving their best, but they should be honest, principled, humble, be a learner and work closely in a team. My leadership style is based on the model of laissez-faire leadership.

Suggestions for the present youth and the aspiring students

Students should acquire knowledge and relevant skills than acquiring higher grades, learn to apply theory learnt to put into an exercise in the real world. LBD, Learning by Doing is the present success mantra.

One should seek to know, understand and explore the avenues available to her/ him want the support of the professors, industry experts and Mentors. They required seizing the initiative. A good strategy should be well executed. They should think global and act local-GLOCAL, in terms of their learning and work mode.

Learning is lifelong and the days of working life long are gone as more number of people are turning to start their own businesses, turning entrepreneurs. A number of opportunities are available but these are only for the ones who have the relevant skills: communication skills (spoken and written) and interindividual skills, ability to manage change, work in teams, being adaptable, being ethical and possess domain expertise.

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