GGSIPU has announced the exam format for its entrance test- IPU CET Exam. The paper format has been similar over the years. The exam is scheduled in April 2018 and will be organizeed in offline mode. IPU CET 2018 is an aptitude test for entering into different courses provideed by GGSIP University.

Here are the key points for IPU CET 2018 Exam format:

  • Marking Scheme- +4 mark for every right response
  • There will be no negative marking in DM/MCH/SSMC exam.
  • Exam Period- 150 minutes for B.Tech in Biotechnology and 3 hours for other courses.
  • Negative Marking- 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong response (Except for MBBS, PGMC and SSMC exam).
  • Total Marks- 600 marks (Except for MBBS, PGMC and SSMC exam)

Highlights of IPU CET 2018 Exam Format

Exam Format Highlights
IPU CET 2018 ExamApril – May 2018
IPU CET Exam Period2:30 hours for B.Tech in Biotechnology, 3 hours for other courses
Number of Questions150
Marking Scheme

+4 marks for accurate answer

-1 mark deducted for the wrong answer

IPU CET Exam Mode Offline (pen and paper based)
IPU CET Exam LanguageEnglish

Marking Scheme of IPU CET 2018 

The test paper will contain 150 objective-type questions in all. Each question will be offered with four alternative responses. Out of which only one accurate or most suitable response should be selected and marked on the OMR response sheet.

Marking Scheme:

  • There will be NEGATIVE MARKING for the wrong response.
  • Every accurate answer will get 4 marks.
  • One mark will be deducted for each inaccurate response.
  • In case, if a student has marked more than one option then it will be treated as an inaccurate answer, so one mark will be deducted.
  • No marks will be deducted if a student has not marked an option.
  • Each question will carry four marks.

Hence, the aspirants must be sure about the responses before marking them because it will lead to negative marking in the total evaluation.

Important Instructions of IPU CET 2018 

Exam Format also comprises the following points to be considered by the students who are going to appear in the exam:

  • The questions will be asked in English Language only.
  • The aspirants should response all the questions in the OMR Sheets as offered to them.
  • The aspirants will not be offered the facility of re-evaluation or reassessment for the related exam.
  • Aspirants should bring a black ballpoint to the Examination hall for marking answers on OMR response sheets. Use of pencil is not allowed.

Reporting for The Test:

  • No aspirant will be allowed to enter in the Examination hall after the commencement of CET 2018.
  • No aspirant will be allowed to leave the examination hall before the prescribed time for CET is over.
  • Aspirants should leave Examination Hall only after handing over OMR response sheet and test booklet to the Examiner.
  • Aspirants should report at the Examination centre 30 minutes prior to the time of commencement of paper.

Format and Syllabus of IPU CET 2018 

Exam Format is the first and the foremost section which is to be taken note of by the aspirants before they proceed with the preparation of the exam. If the format is well known, then the questions can be solved accordingly and with proper time management in the exam.

Second, comes the syllabus, which is of utmost importance after the format is known. Subject wise syllabus with proper topic understanding makes the student confident before and during the exam, if the topics are well revised according to the syllabus.

Below is the format and the syllabus discussed for the students:

  • Mode: The exam will be organizeed in offline method (pen and paper based mode). The question paper will be asked in OMR format.
  • Negative Marking: One mark will be deducted for each wrong response.
  • Marking Scheme: The questions will be objective type and each question will carry four marks for each accurate answer.
  • Negative marking will be done for wrong responses and for more than one response to each question.
  • No of Questions: The question paper will include in total 150 questions for all programmes (except B.Tech., Biotechnology).

Total 200 questions will be asked for B.Tech (Biotechnology).

  • Exam mode: IPU CET will be organizeed in offline method (OMR).
  • The language of the exam: IPU CET will be organizeed in the English language.
  • Time Period: The exam period will be two and a half hours (2:30 hours) for B.Tech. Biotechnology and three hours (3 hours) exam period for the other course exams.

Total number of questions: 150

  • For every right response, aspirants will be honoured 4 marks.
  • There will be negative marking of 1 mark for every wrong response.

Marking material: Only black ball pen will be allowed for marking and writing the exam.

Use of Optical Answer Sheet

All students obligatory to bring black ballpoint pens to mark the responses on the OMR sheet. Aspirants obligatory to mark the circle that highlights the circle that they feel is the accurate answer for that particular response. The sheet will have 4 circles in front of every question.

The Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet should be handled cautiously by the aspirants. They are advised not to fold the answer sheet under any circumstances.

Aspirants are advised not to make any marks on the answer sheet except marking the responses at the suitable place on the answer sheet.

How to mark the response?

  • Use Black Ball Point Pen only for darkening the circles.
  • Aspirants obligatory to fill the information on the OMR sheet and darken all the Relevant Circles on the answer sheet cautiously. Otherwise, the OMR answer sheet will be invalid.


If the accurate response to question no.: 3 is (a) in your opinion, aspirant obligatory to darken the circle under (a) in front of question no 3.

Question 3:     

  • The most suitable answer for that particular question must be darkened cautiously, only in the corresponding circle against the number corresponding to the question you are attempting.
  • Do not make any stray marks anywhere on the OMR.
  • Aspirants need to darken one circle only for each question. If you darken more than one circle for a question, the answer to that question will be invalidated and negative mark will be assigned to that question.
  • The circle must be filled/darkened clearly.
  • Aspirant shall note that they will not be given a second blank Optical Mark Reader (OMR) answer sheet. Hence they are advised to be careful while handling their OMR answer sheet.

In case the aspirant marks the circle, which is half filled that will not be considered as the marked response.

Mathematics (33.33%)

IPU CET 2018 will be organizeed by GGSIPU on different dates as per the course for admission to different undergraduate engineering programmes available at the university and its participating institutes and colleges.

  • The CET syllabus for various courses will be various and the questions will be asked from the concerned field of the course.
  • Questions in IPU CET 2018 entrance will be asked from 11th and 12th standard syllabus based on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects.
  • Syllabus for undergraduate courses will be based on the diploma or 10+2 level.

Sections Covered in IPU CET 2018 Exam:

  • Physics (33.33%)
  • Chemistry (33.33%)
  • Mathematics (33.33%)

IPU CET 2018 will be organizeed by GGSIPU on different dates as per the course for admission to different undergraduate engineering programmes available at the university and its participating institutes and colleges.

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