Marks obtained in GATE and GATE Scores are two various entities. After the evaluation of responses, the raw marks (actual marks obtained in GATE) will be considered for calculating GATE Score.

GATE is held in multiple sessions for some papers (CS. On the basis of qualifying marks, these raw marks and normalized marks will be used for computing GATE Score. In order to consider all the aspirants on the same platform, the exam authority normalizes marks. CE, EC, EE & ME) and has a various level of difficulty.

Post declaration of GATE Result, the scorecard will be announced at GATE GOAPS. GATE Score card contains marks obtained out of 100, qualifying marks and GATE Score obtained out of 1000.

Calculation of GATE Normalized Marks for Multi-session Papers

The normalization is done by assuming, β€œin multi-session GATE papers, the distribution of abilities of aspirants is same across all the sessions”. This fundamental assumption is taken for calculation of normalized scores because the test takers are large in numbers and the allotment of the session is random.

Thus, the normalization of marks of jth aspirant in ith session is Mij is given by-

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Further, the graph can help understand the relationship between the two scores better.

GATE Score Calculation

Graph showing the linear relationship between "actual marks" and "normalized marks" of an aspirant, in a multiple-session subject (CE, EE, ME, EE or CE) of GATE.
Mgt = average marks of top 0.1 % aspirants in all sessions of that subject.
Mgq = mean + standard deviation, of marks of all aspirants in all sessions of that subject.
Mti = average marks of top 0.1 % aspirants in the ith session of that subject.
Miq = mean + standard deviation, of marks of all aspirants in the ith session of that subject.

Calculation of GATE Score 

For GATE Papers organized in a single session, actual marks obtained in GATE will only be used in determining GATE score. By using the following formula, GATE score will be computed. GATE score calculation formula is also imprinted on the scorecard-

GATE Score, GATE 2018, GATE Score Calculator, GATE Normalized Score

𝑴: marks obtained in GATE (actual marks for single session papers and normalized marks for multi-session papers)

𝑴𝒒: Qualifying marks for general category aspirant in GATE paper

𝑴̅𝒕: Mean of marks of top 0.1% or top 10 (whichever is larger) of aspirants who appeared for GATE (in case of multi-session papers including all sessions)

𝑺𝒒: 350, is the score assigned to 𝑴𝒒

𝑺𝒕: 900, is the score assigned to 𝑴̅𝒕

The qualifying marks (𝑴𝒒) in GATE 2018 for general category student in each subject is 25 marks (out of 100) or (𝝁 + 𝝈), whichever is larger. Where 𝝁 is the average (arithmetic mean, with negative marks converted to β€˜0’) and 𝝈 is the standard deviation of marks of all the aspirants who appeared in the paper.

Qualifying Marks

The qualifying marks (out of 100) are various for various papers and they also vary as per the category of the aspirants. The following table represents qualifying marks according to the category of the aspirant-

CategoryQualifying Marks (Out of 100)
General Category (Gen)25 or ΞΌ + Οƒ, whichever is higher.
Other Backward Classes (OBC)90% of general category's qualifying mark
Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST)2/3 (i.e., 66.67%) of general category's qualifying mark

Special Case

Don’t judge people on their GATE AIR, ask them their GATE Score. All India Rank vary according to GATE Paper and category of the aspirant. A few special cases from GATE 2016, are given below-

  • AIR 124 CE GATE 2016 (GATE score 847) 
  • AIR 96 CS GATE 2016 (GATE score 856)
  • AIR 70 IN GATE 2016 (GATE score 768)

What is the difference between GATE Marks, Scores, Ranks and Percentile?

GATE Marks- A total of 65 questions is divided into 2 types of questions in GATE: MCQs and NAT Questions. The total marks are 100. GATE marks are obtained out of 100.

  • MCQs carrying 1 mark each- 1/3 marks will be deducted on marking the wrong response.
  • There is no negative marking in NAT questions. 
  • MCQs carrying 2 marks each- 2/3 marks will be deducted on marking the wrong response.

GATE Score- The scores are computed out of 1000 by the procedure of normalization of marks.

GATE Rank- Also termed as GATE AIR (All India Rank). AIR is calculated on the basis of GATE Scores and it varies according to GATE Paper, the category of the aspirant.

How GATE Cut Off is Derived?

GATE Cut Off is derived from GATE Scores for admission to M.Tech and Ph.D. programs. Apart from IITs, some participating institutes accept admission on GATE marks. GATE cut off scores are also considered for employment in PSUs, direct appointment to Group A posts in Central Government.

GATE Cut Off is released separately by participating institutes for admission to postgraduate programs. For qualifying GATE 2018, the cut off will be declared by IIT Guwahati and will be mentioned on the scorecard.

Based on cut offs published by PSUs, aspirants are shortlisted for the further selection rounds.

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