Preparation Books for GATE 2018 Paper Codes ME, CSE, CE, EE, ECE

Reference books are really important when it comes to preparing for an exam. While preparing for GATE 2018, it is very crucial to refer the right kind of preparation books. An essential thing is through the concepts. If you lead your preparation with a strong strategy from these materials, half of the battle is won. 

What are the benefits of taking GATE?
1. Apart from admission in IISc Bangalore, IITs, NITs and other institutes, there are a few foreign universities that offer admission via GATE score. Different PSUs such as GAIL, BHEL, Cabinet Secretariat etc. Many institutes like BARC provides stipend/scholarships/assistantships to M.Tech studying aspirants.
2. appoint GATE qualified aspirants on a nice package with perks.

A lot of questions must be popping in the minds of the candidates like- From where should I study? Or Which are the best books for GATE? Now, you do not have to worry anymore, here, we have listed down some specific books that give you correct hints of the expected questions in GATE. Which preparation books for GATE they should refer to?

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Preparation Books in GATE 2018

Stated to be the mother of engineering, Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the most favourite stream of the aspirants participating in GATE. More than 180,000 aspirants wrote GATE 2017 with under Qualifying degree of Mechanical Engineering. Here are some GATE preparation books for the strategic preparation of Mechanical Engineering-

Strength of Materials by SS Rattan


  • The strength of Materials (SOM) is one the most important and toughest section in GATE Mechanical Engineering. If prepared well, it can be one of the most scoring sections in GATE 2018.
  • The strength of Materials by SS Ratan unravels all the complexities of the section with utter clarity keeping the bar as low as possible in a basic language with the optimum use of jargons and good quality examples.
  • For GATE 2018 candidates, this book is a must-buy.
  • Majority of questions under SOM is from Stress & Strain, SFD & BMD and Bending Moment.

Theory of Machines by RS Khurmi


  • Though a tough nut to crack, the section could be scoring too. But only if prepared strategically by a good book and RS Khurmi offers all the aspirants require to crack GATE 2018 labyrinth.
  • Theory of Machines section requires aspirants to implicate their arithmetical abilities and knowledge of Mechanical & Kinematics.
  • Majority of questions test aspirants’ in-depth knowledge of frame of reference and 3D Geometry.

Other Good Books For GATE 2018 Mechanical Engineering

Another Important Section comprises Mechanical Vibration, Machine Design, Engineering & Applied Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines and Operation Research. Aspirants need to follow the mentioned books for the respective sections

GATE Preparation Books for Mechanical EngineeringAuthorAvailability
Mechanical VibrationGK GroverPurchase
Design Of Machine ElementsVB BhandariPurchase
Engineering MechanicsSS BhavikattiPurchase
Fluid MechanicsRK BansalPurchase
Heat & Mass TransferPK NagPurchase
Engineering ThermodynamicsCengel & BolesPurchase
Internal Combustion EngineV GanesanPurchase
Refrigeration & Air ConditioningCP AroraPurchase
Material ScienceUC JindalPurchase
Production EngineeringAmitabh GhoshPurchase
Industrial EngineeringOP KhannaPurchase

GATE Preparation for Mechanical Engineering by Made Easy

The following books can be bought online from

  • 4400 MCQ: IES/GATE/PSUs: Mechanical Engineering
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • GATE & ESE-2018: Engineering Mathematics
  • GATE-2018: I Solved Paper
  • GATE & ESE- 2018 Reasoning & Aptitude
  • A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science (CSE) Preparation Books in GATE 2018

Booming IT Sector and uninterrupted job opportunities in the field of CS/IT, the discipline has recently become the most chosen discipline among all the tech geeks and code lovers out there. With a total of over 100,000 aspirants appeared in the earlier year, the number is expected to rise more in the coming exam. 

Here are some good and well-reviewed GATE preparation books for Computer Science, we have established out for you-

GATE Preparation Books for Computer ScienceAuthorAvailability
Operating SystemGalvinPurchase
Theory of ComputationUllmanPurchase
Computer NetworksTanenbaumPurchase
Computer OrganisationCarl HamacherPurchase
Database SystemKorthPurchase
Compiler DesignAho & Ull ManPurchase
Digital LogicMorris ManoPurchase
Software EngineeringPressmanPurchase

GATE Preparation for Computer Science/IT by Made Easy

The following books can be bought online from

  • GATE-2018: Computer Science/IT Solved Papers
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • PSUs: CS/IT Exercise book
  • GATE & ESE-2018: Engineering Mathematics
  • A Handbook for Computer Science /IT Engineering
  • GATE & ESE- 2018 Reasoning & Aptitude

Electrical Engineering (EE) Preparation Books in GATE 2018

The history of Electrical Engineering goes way back to the 19th Century. The stream shares its past with mechanical engineering and is considered one of the oldest disciplines that have always been since the inception of engineering. 

More than 146,000 aspirants appeared for GATE 2017 Electrical Engineering and the number is expected to rise with the coming exam. It will make the competition stiffer and cut-throat as the number of seats is limited and the ratio of aspirants appearing per seat available is very large.

Here are some good books for smart and strategic preparation for GATE 2018 Electrical Engineering.

GATE Preparation Books for Electrical EngineeringAuthor
Network AnalysisVal Valken Burg
Solution of Network AnalysisGK Publications
Engineering Circuit AnalysisHayt & Kemmerly
Graph TheoryNursing Das
Circuit TheoryChakravarthy
Control SystemNagrath Gopal
Electrical machinesPS Bimbhra
Power ElectronicsUA Bakshi
Power SystemsNagrath Kothari
Signals & SystemsOppenheim Wisky

GATE Preparation for Electrical Engineering by Made Easy

The list of GATE preparation books for EE that can be bought from the official website of Made Easy are given below-

  • GATE & ESE-2018: Engineering Mathematics
  • A Handbook for Electrical Engineering
  • 3500 MCQ: IES/GATE/PSUs: Electrical Engineering
  • GATE-2018: EE Solved Papers
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • GATE & ESE- 2018 Reasoning & Aptitude

ECE Preparation Books in GATE 2018 

Equipped with a curriculum about the intricacies of robots and other electronic devices, Electronics Engineering also deals with Signals and their applications in the industry. Aspirants studying graduation in the stated discipline can do their post-graduation from the esteemed IITs and other renowned national universities and institutes. They can choose their specialization from the available options post completing the GATE.

And for that, Aspirants should refer to the following books. And also, if read and understood thoroughly, it will help you complete GATE 2018. They will their inquisition and interest in their discipline alive and interests.

GATE Preparation Books for ECEAuthor
Network AnalysisVan Valken Burg
Solutions of Network AnalysisGK Publications
Engg. Circuit AnalysisHayt and Kemmerly
Network AnalysisSoni and Gupta
Graph TheoryNursing Deo (Cutset and Others)
Circuit TheoryChakravarthy
Electric CircuitsSchaum’s Series
Network TheoryProf Yoganarasimhan
Electronic Devices CircuitsBoylested and Neshelsky
Microelectronic CircuitsSedra and Smith
Electronic Devices CircuitsMillman and Halkias (Black Pad)
MicroelectronicsMillman and Grabel
Integrated ElectronicsMillman and Halkias
Electronic CircuitsSchilling and Beloved
Switching and Finite Automatic TheoryKohavi
Digital Logic and Computer DesignMano
Digital ElectronicsCalvino and Leach
Digital Systems, Principles and ApplicationsTocci
Microprocedureor and its ApplicationsGoankar
MicroprocedureorsB Ram
Automatic Control SystemsBC Kuo
Control SystemsNagarath and Gopal
Modern Control SystemsOgata
OP Amps and Linear Integrated CircuitsGayakwad
Electrical and Electronic Measurements and InstrumentationAK Sawhney
DC Machines Measurements and Measuring InstrumentsGB Bharadhwajan
Electrical MachinesPS Bimhra
Electrical TechnologyHughes
The performance and Design of AC MachinesMG Say
Electrical Engg. (Problems and Solutions)Natesan
Electrical MachinesMukherjee & Chakravarthy
Elements of Power System AnalysisWilliam D Stevenson
Modern Power System AnalysisNagrath and Kothari
Electrical Power SystemsWadhwa
Power SystemsVK Mehta (For basics of PS)

GATE Preparation Books for ECE by Made Easy

The following books can be referred/bought from made easy for preparing GATE 2018-

  • PSUs: Electronics Engineering Exercise book
  • GATE-2018: ECE Solved Papers
  • A Handbook for Electronics Engineering
  • GATE & ESE- 2018 Reasoning & Aptitude
  • GATE & ESE-2018: Engineering Mathematics
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs

Civil Engineering Preparation Books in GATE 2018 

Aspirants from Civil Engineering mostly opt for higher studies than to work after graduation. In 2017, more than 100,000 appeared to write the test and the number is expected to go even more up in the coming exam.  It is because of the massive salaries difference between graduation and post-graduation.

The increasing number of aspirants and a limited number of seats will naturally the boost the GATE 2018 Cut off and aspirants should be willing for even more stark competition.

Books are aspirants’ only help and their only blackjack. We dug down deep on the internet and establish out the best books for you. Here, take a look.

GATE Preparation Books for Civil EngineeringAuthor
Gate 2018: Civil Engineering Solved PapersMade Easy
Gate Guide Civil Engg. 2018Gkp
Gate Tutor 2018 Civil EngineeringPrasant Dixit
Gate 2018: Civil Engineering Chapterwise Solved Papers: 20 YearsHitesh Aggarwal
Gate 2018 Civil EngineeringVani Institute
Civil Engineering Gate 2018 30 Years SolutionIes Master
Gate Guide Civil Engineering 2018Hitesh Aggarwal
Gate Guide Civil Engg. 2018GKP
Gate Paper Civil Engineering 2018 (Solved Papers 2000-2016)GKP

GATE Preparation Books for Civil Engineering by Made Easy

Preparation books for Civil Engineering by Made Easy are enlisted below-

  • GATE & ESE-2018: Engineering Mathematics
  • GATE-2018: CE Solved Papers
  • GATE & ESE- 2018 Reasoning & Aptitude
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • A Handbook for Civil Engineering
  • 3200 MCQ: IES/GATE/ PSUs: Civil Engineering

Other Major Disciplines for Preparation Books in GATE 2018

Engineering DisciplineGATE Preparation Books 2018
GATE 2018 InformationTechnologyGATE 2018 Last Year Papers
GATE 2018 Bio-TechnologyLehning M Prescott, Eldon John, Lehninger
GATE 2018 Marine EngineeringRK Rajput, RK Bansal,
GATE 2018 Paint TechnologyPK Nag
GATE 2018 Chemical EngineeringCengel & Boles
GATE 2018 Instrumentation & ControlNatesan, Mukherjee & Chakrawarthy
GATE 2018 ArchitectureThe Road Ahead, GATE Architecture
GATE 2018 Oil EngineeringRK Bansal, RK Rajput

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