CLAT Cut Off is the at least marks that an aspirant must score to get shortlisted for the subsequent selection rounds. The cut off will be announced post declaration of CLAT Results 2018. Aspirants are granted admissions on the basis of cut off defined by the participating colleges.

For the academic session 2018-19, CLAT is scheduled for May 14, 2018. CLAT 2016 was considered one of the easiest exam in the recent past, therefore the cut offs were considerably high. CLAT 2017 was organized by CNLU Patna and the exam was comparatively difficult than CLAT 2016. The National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) Kochi will hold the exam in the online method.

Listed below are key points concerned to CLAT Cut Off:

  • NLUs will announce separate cut-offs for each program as per an aspirant’s category.
  • Aspirants qualifying the at least cut off for CLAT can participate in the centralized CLAT Counseling.
  • Counseling Procedure is organized into four rounds and CLAT Seat Allocation is done on the merit-cum-preference basis.
  • Factors affecting CLAT Cut Off - the number of exam takers, the difficulty level of test, the total number of seats.
  • A merit list is prepared according to the preference mentioned while filling in the application form and rank scored in CLAT exam.
  • The cut off of CLAT 2018 is expected to announce in the last week of May 2018.

Based on earlier year cutoffs, we are providing expected cutoff marks and ranks for CLAT 2018. Aspirants can check the expected rank range on the basis of earlier years’ closing rank for admission to different law entrance courses of NLUs.

Cut Off List of Law Colleges1st Merit List (Closing Marks/ 200)1st Merit List (Closing Rank)Last Merit List (Closing Marks/ 200)Last Merit List (Closing Rank)Cut Off Links
NLSIU, Bangalore (National Law School of India University)139.558139.558Click Here
NALSAR, Hyderabad (Nalsar University of Law)136.5100136108Click Here
WBNUJS, Kolkata130230128.5260Click Here
NLIU, Bhopal (The National Law Institute University)129245125.5345Click Here
NLU, Jodhpur (National Law University)126315125.25360Click Here
GNLU, Gandhinagar (Gujarat National Law University)124430121.75500Click Here
HNLU, Raipur (Hidayatullah National Law University)122530120700Click Here
RMLNLU, Lucknow (Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University)121.5575118.75750Click Here
RHNLU, Patiala120695117.5925Click Here
NUALS, Kochi (National University of Advanced Legal Studies)120695117980Click Here
CNLU, Patna118.258101161100Click Here
NLU, Odisha (National Law University)118.25830115.751125(-)
NUSRL, Ranchi (National University of Study and Research in Law)118845115.51150Click Here
NLUJA, Assam117.75890114.51280Click Here
TNNLS, Thiruchirapalli117.75915114.51280Click Here
MNLU, Mumbai (Maharashtra National Law University)135160138470Click Here
DSNLU, Visakhapatnam(-)668(-)1132Click Here
RGNUL, Punjab(-)150(-)780Click Here

Category Wise Cut Off of CLAT

NLSIU, Bangalore145.2132.6102.499.1
NLUJA- Assam114996950
NLU – Mumbai127111.2378.2359.76

Cut Off of CLAT 2016

  • CLAT 2016 was organized by Rajiv Gandhi National Law University RGNLU in May 2016.
  • The law entrance exam was considered as one of the easiest CLAT Exam in the recent past.
  • Because of the level of examination, the cutoffs were considerably high.

Tabulated below is the rank list of different law universities that accept CLAT Score. Aspirants can check the marks given below to know their eligibility.

NLU Name1st Rank List MarksRankLast Rank List MarksRank
NLSIU Bangalore - (National Law School of India University) 139.558139.558
NLIU, Bhopal - (The National Law Institute University)136.5100136108
WBUHS, Kolkata - (West Bengal University of Health Sciences)130230128.5260
NALSAR, Hyderabad - (NALSAR University of Law)129245125.5345
NLU, Jodhpur - (National Law University)126315125.25360

GNLU, Gandhi Nagar - (Gujarat National Law University)

HNLU, Raipur - (Hidayatullah National Law University)122530120700
RMLNLU, Lucknow - (DR Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University)121.5575118.75750
RGNUL, Patiala - (Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law)120695117.5925
NUALS, Ernakulam - (National University of Advanced Legal Studies)120695117980
CNLU, Patna - (Chanakya National Law University)118.258101161100
NLUO, Cuttack - (National Law University Odisha)118.25830115.751125
NUSRL, Ranchi - (National University of Study and Research in Law)118845115.51150
NLUJAA, Guwahati - (National Law University and Judicial Academy)117.75890114.51280
TNNLS, Tiruchirapalli - (Tamil Nadu National Law School)117.5915114.51280

Cut Off of NLSIU Bangalore CLAT 2016 

Aspirants appearing for the law entrance exam can check CLAT 2016 cut offset for the Under Graduate Course of National Law school Of India University. 

InstitutesCut off
AI Unrecaterd58
AI Horizontal SAP200
AI Scheduled Caste1654
AI Scheduled Tribe2000

The table below shows CLAT 2016 cut off for Post Graduate Course.

AI Unrecaterd44
AI Horizontal SAP325
AI Scheduled Caste214
AI Scheduled Tribe613

WBNUJS Kolkata CLAT 2016 Cut Off

The table below details the cut off for 2016 for the LLB Course of WBNUJS Kolkata Cut off: 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd221
State Unrecaterd276
AI Horizontal SAP3376
State OBCA6587
AI Scheduled Caste4737
AI Scheduled Tribe6057
State Scheduled Caste6945
State Scheduled Tribe10276

The cut off for LLM Course in WBNUJS Kolkata is tabulated below:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd155
AI Scheduled Caste588
AI Horizontal SAP787
AI Scheduled Tribe1399

CNLU Patna CLAT 2016 Cut Off

Chanakya National Law University is one of the most renowned colleges accepting CLAT Cut off. This table shows CLAT 2016 Cut off for the Under Graduate course.

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd911
State Backward Classes2461
State Scheduled Caste15433
State EBC11572
Both Horizontal SAP11492
State Scheduled Tribe14011

Cut Off of HNLU Raipur CLAT 2016 

Aspirants can check CLAT Cut offset by Hidayatullah National Law University for 2016 in the table below

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd555
State Unrecaterd2109
State OBC11043
AI Scheduled Caste7881
State Horizontal SAP4835
AI Horizontal SAP8960
AI Scheduled Tribe10590
State Scheduled Caste17845
State Scheduled Tribe27854

This table details CLAT 2016 cut off for Post Graduate course:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd322
AI Scheduled Caste1236
AI Scheduled Tribe2060
AI Horizontal SAP1610

Cut Off of NALSAR Hyderabad CLAT 2016 

The aspiring aspirants of CLAT can go via CLAT cutoffs of 2016 for admission into the LLB Course of NALSAR Hyderabad. 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd123
State Unrecaterd783
Both Horizontal SAP1767
AI Scheduled Caste2883
AI Scheduled Tribe4055
State Scheduled Caste8089
State Scheduled Tribe14803

This table shows CLAT Cut off for the LLM Course of NALSAR Hyderabad.

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd77
AI Scheduled Caste339
State Unrecaterd1009
Both Horizontal SAP839
AI Scheduled Tribe1019
State Scheduled Caste4040
State Scheduled Tribe2029

Cut Off for NLIU Bhopal CLAT 2016 

The National Law Institute University - [NLIU], Bhopal has set the following CLAT 2016 cut off for LLB Course. 

CategoryRank-Round 1
AI Unrecaterd339
AI Horizontal MP Domicile469
AI Scheduled Caste3726
State Scheduled Caste6869
AI Scheduled Tribe5303
State Scheduled Tribe18166

Cut Off of NLU Jodhpur CLAT 2016 

CLAT Cut off for 2016 of National Law University - [NLU], Jodhpur for LLB Course is tabulated below: 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd347
AI Horizontal SAP6029
AI Scheduled Caste5498
AI Scheduled Tribe7359

CLAT Cut off for 2016 of National Law University - [NLU], Jodhpur for LLM Course is tabulated below: 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd262
AI Scheduled Caste992
AI Horizontal SAP1515
AI Scheduled Tribe1849

Cut Off of NLUJAA Guwahati CLAT 2016 

CLAT 2016 Cut off for National Law University and Judicial Academy - [NLUJAA], Guwahati for LLB Course is tabulated below: 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd1103
AI Horizontal Assam Domicile4902
AI Scheduled Tribe13897
AI Scheduled Caste10013
AI Horizontal SAP11960
AI Scheduled Tribe Hills15075

This table gives CLAT 2016 Cut off for LLM Course in NLUJAA, Guwahati:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd394
AI Scheduled Caste559
AI Scheduled Tribe Hills933
AI Scheduled Tribe1942
AI Horizontal SAP2163

NLUO Cuttack CLAT 2016 Cut Off

CLAT Cut off for National Law University Odisha - [NLUO], Cuttack for 2016 Under Graduate Course is tabulated below: 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd1038
AI Scheduled Caste9762
AI Scheduled Tribe15682
AI Horizontal SAP13542

NLUO, Cuttack sets CLAT Cut off for Post Graduate Course in the table below:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd410
AI Scheduled Caste1268
AI Scheduled Tribe2268
AI Horizontal SAP1974

NUALS Kochi CLAT 2016 Cut Off

Check CLAT cut off for National University of Advanced Legal Studies - [NUALS], Ernakulam for the Under Graduate Course of 2016: 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd918
State Unrecaterd1158
State SEBC Ezhava4802
State SEBC Other Backward Hindus8325
State SEBC Muslims8728
State SEBC Viswakarma8628
State SEBC Dheevara14464
State SEBC Kusavan Kulalan Others4933
State SEBC Latin Catholic15949
State SEBC Kudumbi9633
Both Horizontal SAP11630
State Scheduled Caste30582
State SEBC Other Backward Christian21371
State Scheduled Tribe33366

This table shows CLAT 2016 Cut off for the Post Graduate Course:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd377
State Unrecaterd455
State SEBC Ezhava1752
State SEBC Latin Catholic938
State SEBC Muslims3016
State SEBC Other Backward Hindus1449
Both Horizontal SAP1664
State Scheduled Caste3664
State SEBC Viswakarma2521
State SEBC Other Backward Christian2710
State SEBC Dheevara2781

NUSRL Ranchi CLAT 2016 Cut Off

Check CLAT 2016 Cut offset by the National University of Study and Research in Law - [NUSRL], Ranchi for the year 2016.


RGNUL Patiala CLAT 2016 Cut Off

CLAT Cut off for Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law - [RGNUL], Patiala is set around the fifties. Check the category wise CLAT Cut off the trend in this table below:


RMLNLU Lucknow CLAT 2016 Cut Off

CLAT Cut off for Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University - [RMLNLU], Lucknow goes quite high compared to other participating institutes and accesses around the 90s. This is CLAT 2016 cut off given below for the Under Graduate Course:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd626
State OBC2284
Both Horizontal DFFUP5852
Both Horizontal SAP7710
State Scheduled Caste11931
State Scheduled Tribe29100

CLAT Cut off for 2016 for the Post Graduate course is tabulated below:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd86
State OBC113
Both Horizontal DFFUP344
Both Horizontal SAP1485
State Scheduled Caste716
State Scheduled Tribe3943

GNLU Gandhinagar CLAT 2016 Cut Off

CLAT cut off of Under Graduate Course for Gujarat National Law University - [GNLU], Gandhi Nagar for 2016 is given below: 

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd465
AI Horizontal Gujarat Domicile2642
AI Horizontal SAP8194
AI Scheduled Caste8020
AI Scheduled Tribe10360
ST Hills9449

CLAT Cut off for Post Graduate Course of GNLU is given below:

CategoryRank – Round 1
AI Unrecaterd465
AI Horizontal Gujarat Domicile2642
AI Horizontal SAP8194
AI Scheduled Caste8020
AI Scheduled Tribe10360
ST Hills9449

CLAT 2015 Cut Off

  • CLAT 2015 was held in an online method for the first time.
  • It was organized by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. 

Tabulated below is the cut off for CLAT exam as per aspirant’s category:

National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore118(-)77.7575
National Academy for Legal Study & Research (NALSAR) University of Law, Hyderabad111.7593.755351.5
National Law Institute University (NLIU), Bhopal100.588.554.2542.25
The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS), Kolkata109.5(-)(-)(-)
National Law University (NLUJ), Jodhpur102.5102.559.553
Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU), Raipur75.2555.752816.5
Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhinagar78.25(-)(-)(-)
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University (RMLNLU), Lucknow77(-)(-)(-)
Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL), Patiala91.75(-)49.538.75
Chanakya National Law University (CNLU), Patna90.7540.7536.5(-)
National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi853330.2514.5
National Law University Odisha (NLUO), Cuttack89(-)4835.75
National University of Study & Research in Law (NUSRL), Ranchi5240.52817
National Law University & Judicial Academy (NLUJAA), Assam57592337.5
The Tamil Nadu National Law School (TNNLS), Tiruchirappalli352824.2535

CLAT 2014 Cut Off

  • GNLU was the organizing authority of CLAT 2014.
  • When compared to CLAT 2014, the cutoffs took a dip in 2015 due to the increased difficulty level in reasoning and mathematics section.

The table given below indicated the cut off of CLAT Exam for 2014:

NLSUI, Bangalore171.75-124.75140 - 116137.5-105.5157.25(-)
NALSAR, Hyderabad160.5-102.5117 - 9496.25-80155.25-147.25(-)
NLIU, Bhopal152-87.75113.5-8389.25-61.5148.25-127.25(-)
WBNUJS, Kolkata169-96.25125-98.592.75-85.75148.5(-)
NLU, Jodhpur155.25-91.25112.50-87.7598.25-59.25(-)120-42.5
HNLU, Raipur139-61.75103.75-23.7589.25-17.25135.25-32.25(-)
GNLU, Gandhinagar149.75-86101.5-81.588.75-74.75139.75(-)
RMLNLU, Lucknow143.5-6983.25-68.563-48.75141-86.75(-)
RGNUL, Patiala142.5-40.598.75-77.2572-65.75133.75-131.5(-)
CNLU, Patna133-125.7569.5-42.561.25128-31.75(-)
NUALS, Kochi138.75-60124-61.75(-)(-)130-54.75
NLUO, Orissa137.5-128.2579 - 7771 - 53(-)133.5-57
NUSRL, Ranchi132.5-107.2576.75-40.562-33.25(-)76.25-29.75

PSUs Appointment via CLAT 2018

Those aspirants with a valid CLAT 2018 score can apply for appointment provided by different PSUs. Currently, 5 Public Sector Units (PSUs) have signed MoU with CLAT.  The positions one can acquire via the Common Law Admission Test is as follows:

  • Executive Trainee in PSUs
  • Assistant Legal Advisors
  • Law Officers and

Important Highlights about PSUs Appointment through CLAT Score

  • Aspirants with a valid score who are interested in getting appointed in PSUs, have to apply personally for all the PSUs.
  • Also, the selection procedure and interview rounds for appointing aspirants will vary as per the appointing authority.
  • Each PSU will have their separate eligibility criteria, registration procedure which aspirants have to clear.

Below is the list of PSUs who have signed a MoU with CLAT is mentioned below:

PSU Companies hiring via CLAT 2017Starting Date for RegistrationEnding Date for RegistrationNotification
Oil India Limited (OIL)January 2018January 2018Click Here
Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)April 18, 2018May 16, 2018Click Here
National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)April 19, 2018May 9, 2018Click Here
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)May 2018June 2018Click Here
Power Grid Corporation of India LimitedMay 1, 2018May 22, 2018Click Here

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