SSC CHSL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level) Analysis, Answer Key, Question Paper, 2018

Last Updated - April 02 2018

SSC CHSL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Higher Secondary Level) tier was over. The final exam for tier 1 was organizeed on the 26th March 2018. The Results are expected to be declared in May 2018. The expected cutoff is 127 marks for general category.

  • Most of the questions asked in the exam were based on DI, SI, CI, Geometry, Number System and Trigonometry.
  • Evaluation of the paper suggested that most questions were formula based.
  • The SSC CHSL 2018 tier-1 exams organizeed until now have been of easy to moderate level.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 28

General Awareness

  1. Who inaugurated Pencil Portal?
  2. Who is the Prime Minister of Nepal?
  3. In which year was the paper currency started in India?


  1. Synonym – Quaint
  2.  Synonym – Captivate
  3. Synonym – Exquisite

Quantitative Aptitude and General Intelligence

  1. In a race, Ashok gave Bharat a headstart of 400 m. If the ratio of their speeds is 5:3 and both access the finishing point simultaneously, what is the length of the race?
  2. A train starts at 8:45 am with the speed of 45 kmph. It has to cover a distance 720 km. The train rests for 45 min. Find reaching time.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 24

General Awareness

  1. What is the maximum pension limit of Atal Pension Yojna?
  2. When was FCI founded?
  3. When did Pakistan become fully republic?


  1. Idiom- ‘Pulling leg of someone’
  2. Idiom – ‘Fire an imagination’

Quantitative Aptitude and General Intelligence

  1. The speed of a boat along and against the present is 14 km/hr and 8 km/hr respectively. What is the speed of the current?
  2. The ratio of sides of a triangle is 9: 6: 4. Which type of triangle is it?
  3. Two adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 21 cm and 20 cm. The diagonal joining the endpoints of these two sides is 29 cm. Find the area of the parallelogram.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 23

General Awareness

  1. What is the outermost layer of the earth?
  2. The new Prime Minister of Nepal belongs to which party?
  3. Folk dance Bihu is affiliated with which state?


  1. Spelling correction – ‘flounder’
  2. Synonym – ‘contrite’

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 22 

General Awareness

  1. Who built the Charminar?
  2. MTD drug is used for which disease?


  1. One word substitution: One who is unable to pay debts
  2. One word substitution: A roundabout way of speaking
  3. One word substitution: An order requiring the person to attend a court

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 21

 General Awareness

  1.  Who built the red fort?
  2. Nari online portal was inaugurated by whom?
  3.  Which is the Ballistic Missile of North Korea?


  1.  Antonym – mollify’
  2. Spelling correction – ‘scintillators’.
  3.  Spelling correction – ‘exaggerate’
  4. Idiom: Go to hell in a handbasket.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 20

General Awareness

  1. Who has the power to take judgment on Monetary Bill at the time of Financial Emergency?
  2. What is the national tree of Bhutan?
  3. Who is the winner of Mother Terresa Peace Award for social justice?


  1.  Idiom: Keep at bay
  2.  Spelling correction of – ‘committing’
  3. Spelling correction of – ‘perceive‘

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. An object was sold at a loss of 23%. What is the ratio of cost price to selling price?
  2. In triangle PQR, angle Q is 90 o, cot R = 8/15, PQ = 16, PR = ?
  3. The sum of two numbers is 80 and their difference is 8. Find the ratio of the numbers.

 General Intelligence

  1. 14 : 17 :: 16 : ?
  2. n + n/2 + n/4 + n/8 = 45. Find n.
  3. Find the odd one out from, 10 – 101, 7 – 49, 8 – 64, 9 – 81.

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 18

General Awareness

  1. Who had founded East India Association?
  2. Who is the first Indian Footballer having played for the foreign team?
  3. Which Set of Chromosomes is established in Male?


  1. Synonym of ‘INSOLENT’
  2. Spelling correction ‘Tranquility’
  3. Sentence correction: Could she cite (A)/ any precedent in support (B)/ for her case? (C)/ No Mistake (D)

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. When a shopkeeper gives a discount of 4% on market price, his profit percent becomes 20%. Find his original profit percent?
  2. To go from place A to B, a boat takes 40% more time than returning from B to A. Speed of the boat is how much percent more than the speed of the current?

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 17

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. The cost price of 8 dozen apples was Rs. 800. If they are sold by the selling price of Rs. 1000, what will be the percent profit?
  2. One question was asked about Ohm’s law. The value of voltage and present was given. You had to find the resistance.

General Awareness

  1. Who was the establisher of Vikramshila University?
  2. What is the at least age to join Lok Sabha?
  3. Where is the biggest air purifier tower situated?


  1. Spelling correction of Acquaintance
  2. Synonym of Officious
  3. Antonym of Wholesome

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 16

Quantitative Aptitude

  1. A person sold 930 gm of an item instead of 1000 gm. What percentage of profit do he get if he sells 15 kg?
  2.  Find the value of sin 30 + 1/3
  3. In a rectangle, the value of perimeter & breadth was given, you have to find the length of the diagonal?

General Awareness

  1.  ______  is made up of smoke & fog.
  2. Myanmar is in which part of Asia?
  3. 1 Qs concerned to the revised salary of CJI.


  1. Idiom – “A red rag to a bull”, “Easier stated than done”
  2. Synonym – “Perpetuate”
  3. Antonym – “Deferential”, “Punctilious”

SSC CHSL 2018 March 15 Paper Analysis 

  • General Intelligence section was of the easy level. Most of the question were from Coding and Decoding(4 Qs) and Analogy(3 Qs)
  • General Awareness section was of moderate level.mostly questions were from Present Affairs(10 Qs) and Miscellaneous(10 Qs).
  • The level of difficulty of English section was moderate.most of the question were asked from Cloze Test(5 Qs) and Synonym-Antonym (4 Qs)
  • The level of difficulty of the Quantitative section was moderate. most of the question was asked from Data Interpretation(5 Qs) and Geometry(3 Qs)

SSC CHSL Questions Asked March 14

Quantitative Aptitude

In Quantitative Aptitude, there were 25 questions in total. The level of difficulty of the Quantitative section was moderate. most of the question was asked from Data Interpretation(5 Qs) and Geometry(3 Qs)

  1. If tanθ = a / b, then find the value of a sinθ + b cosθ  /  a sinθ –  b cosθ  = ?
  2. Find the value of sin221° + sin269° =?
  3. If sin2θ = 1 /2 Then cos ( 75° – θ) = ?

General Awareness

In General Awareness there were 25 questions in total. this section was of moderate level.mostly questions were from Present Affairs(3 Qs) and Polity(4 Qs).

  1. What is the National language of Bhutan?
  2. Zaheer Khan played for which IPL team?
  3. Which gas is liberated when ethanol reacts with sodium?


In English, there were 25 questions in total. The level of difficulty of English section was moderate.most of the question were asked from Cloze Test(5 Qs) and Synonym-Antonym(4 Qs).

  1. Synonym of ‘bridle’
  2. Synonym of ‘turbulence’
  3. Idiom: All in day’s work

Question Paper of SSC CHSL 2018

The SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 1 paper that was usually held for a period of 75 minutes will be now held for a period of 60 minutes. People who are visually impaired or required some sort of physical assistance to response their paper will be given additional 20 minutes i.e. total 80 minutes.

  • Only students who complete the tier-1 paper will be applicable to the tier-2 paper.
  • SSC CHSL Tier-2 exam will also be of 60 minutes period with additional 20 minutes for students with special required or visually impaired.
  • Each section asked is of 50 marks.
  • The question paper includes four sections.
  • The paper will be in online mode.
  • A student will need to score 33% and above in tier-2 exam to pass the exams.
  • The tier-2 paper will be held in offline mode.
  • Students will now get 15 minutes for every section.Check SSC CHSL Syllabus

SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 1 Paper Format

SectionSubjectsNo.of QuestionsMarks Allotted
1General Intelligence and Reasoning2550
2General Awareness2550
3Quantitative Aptitude2550
4English Comprehension2550

SSC CHSL 2018 Tier-2 Paper Format

TopicWord Count

How to download Response Key of SSC CHSL 2018

Students can reach and download the SSC CHSL 2018 Response Key after the SSC CHSL 2017-2018 results have been released. Aspirants can reach the response key by following these steps, The response key is available for the reference of the aspirants on the official SSC website.

  • Aspirants must now click on the Response key tab current on the landing page.
  • A student must select the tentative response key for Tier 1-2018.
  • An aspirant must first visit the official SSC website i.e. //
  • Aspirants will then be redirected to a new page that will display a list of all the exams held.
  • Students are advised to download a copy of the response key for future reference.Check SSC CHSL Result
  • The response key will be displayed which can be download.

Results of SSC CHSL 2018

  • The result for SSC CHSL 2017-2018 Tier-2 exams will be announced in the month of July-2018.
  • The results for SSC CHSL 2017-2018 will be announced in the month of May.
  • The final dates of the results are yet to be released on the official website.

Cut Off  from SSC CHSL 2018

SSC CHSL 2018 has reduced its exam duration, the analysis also showed that the papers were lengthier but weren’t too difficult. The Cut off for the year 2016 gives some insights into the scores that were taken into consideration.

  • There has also been a rise in the number of participants who appeared for the SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 1 exams.
  • There has been a significant drop in the number of vacancies since the earlier year. In the year 2016, there were 6500+ vacancies whereas in the year 2017 there are hardly 3000+ vacancies.
  • It is expected that SSC CHSL 2018 Tier-1 Cut off will be higher than the earlier year.
  • The difficulty level of the paper wasn’t too high which allows the officials to set the cut-offs higher this year.

The official SSC CHSL 2016 Tier 1 cut-off list


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