MAH MCA CET Application Form 2018 Guidelines for Uploading Documents

Last Updated - March 16 2018

The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra organizes the state-level MCA Common Entrance Test (CET) every year. Visit the official website i.e. to register online for the examination. Application form filling window is functional from February 7 to March 5, 2018.

MAH MCA CET 2018 is scheduled for March 24. The coordinating body announces certain guidelines to scan and upload the documents. While filling the online form, it requires aspirants to attach passport size color photograph and signature.

Read on to know about the specifications to be followed at the time of filling MAH MCA CET 2018 Application Form. At the last, it will list the guidelines for using the scribe by the persons with disabilities in the exam.

Specifications and Guidelines for Uploading Photograph


  • Pixel Dimensions: 200 x 230
  • Pattern: Colored
  • Scanning Resolution: At least 200 Dots Per Inch (DPI)
  • Date of the Photograph: Recent possible
  • Photograph Type: Passport size
  • Signature Required on the Photograph: No
  • File Type: JPEG or JPG
  • Photograph File Dimensions: 35 mm x 45 mm (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
  • Photograph File Size: 20 to 50 KB
  • Photograph Background: Light colored, preferably white

Other Important Points: 

  • It will be fine for a participant to wear spectacles in the photo. However, they must not wear tinted glasses or goggles in the photograph. The photo must completely show the eyes of the participant.
  • The uploaded photograph must be in the colored pattern with the plain background. It is advisable to take it with the white background.
  • The photo must not have captured with the traces of sun’s reflection.
  • Aspirants required to leave their face relaxed when the photo is clicked.
  • If the size of the scanned picture is more than 50 KB, resize it using some photo editing tool.
  • The photograph should be taken by a professional camera. Avoid using a photograph clicked by cell phone or digital camera available at home. Those pictures might get distorted and lead to rejection.
  • The photo must be taken with a balanced flash making the participant’s face well-visible. The photo with shadow on the face may be rejected by the board.
  • Aspirants must look directly into the camera while clicking the photo to appear like making an eye contact to ensure a complete image. Additionally, they must not wear caps, hats, scarfs or mufflers during the click. Religious headwear is allowed, but those must not cover their face while getting the photograph captured.
  • When the flash is used, make sure that the aspirant’s eyes do not appear red in the photo.

Specifications and Guidelines for Uploading Signature

  • Background of the Signature: White (to be written on a white plain paper)
  • Pen to be Used for Signature: Black ink pen
  • Signature Date: Recent
  • Scanning Resolution: At least 200 Dots Per Inch (DPI)
  • Signature Language: English
  • Signature Style: Signature to be done with a running hand
  • File Type: JPEG or JPG
  • File Size of Scanned Signature: 10 to 20 KB

Other Important Points

  • Upload the signature file only. Participants often tend to upload photo file in place of the signature file. This leads to rejection of their MAH MCA CET application.
  • Ensure that the signatures are written in running handwriting.
  • Aspirants must write a signature that they can easily write on the response sheet in the examination hall. In case some difference is established, the aspirant may be restricted from attending the exam.
  • Aspirants must ensure that their signature is written by themselves.
  • The signature file must be in the JPEG or JPost Graduate file pattern, and must not exceed 20 KB of size. The files with any other pattern will be rejected.
  • Do not write the just full name in capital letters. Those will not be considered as a suitable signature.

Process for Uploading Photograph and Signature

Follow the simple steps below for uploading the photograph and signature files while filling the MAH MCA CET application form:

  1. Reach the official website of DTE - and click the link for filling the MAH MCA CET application form.
  2. Aspirants will see two various links for uploading photograph and signature - ‘Upload Photograph’ and ‘Upload Signature’.
  3. Click one of these links.
  4. Browse the location on the computer where the scanned file is situated. Select the file and upload by clicking the ‘Upload’ button.
  5. Similarly, repeat the procedure for another file.

Guidelines for Using a Scribe by Persons with Disability

The organizing committee of the MAH MCA CET exam allows the persons with disability to bring a scribe or reader as per the exam norms. Following are the guidelines to be followed by persons with disability for using a scribe:

  • If any of the above guidelines are seen to be violated, the scribe will be taken out of the examination hall.
  • The scribe may be qualified from any academic background.
  • The scribe must not be some aspirant sitting in the same examination hall.
  • A person could not be a scribe for more than one aspirants in the same examination hall.
  • Aspirants required to completely specify in their MAH MCA CET application form in case they wish to get a scribe during their exam.
  • The aspirants who would have a scribe will be offered with 20 extra minutes for attempting their exam.
  • The scribe must not help the aspirants in response any of the questions.
  • The payment of the scribe will be done by the aspirant only.

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