How to prepare for CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) 2018?

Last Updated - February 24 2018

How to prepare for CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) 2018?

CEED is a national-level exam which is organizeed by any one of the IITs. CEED score is considered by reputed institutes like IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore. Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) is a gateway for admission to design courses like M. Des and Ph. D programmes. CEED 2018 will be held in January 2018. Check  CEED Exam Format

To be able to complete CEED, a lot depends on your preparation strategies. The right balance between your work and play will help you fetch better marks.  It is not an easy nut to crack and requires a rigorous amount of effort.

This article comprises exam format, syllabus with weightage, important topics, difficulty level, preparation tips, advisable books as well as links and references to online material that will help one in CEED 2018 Preparation. Hope this will make your CEED 2018 Preparation easier.

Exam Format of CEED 2018

Following is the Format for both Part -A and Part-B in CEED 2018:

  • Part-A is computer-based exam whereas Part-B is pen & paper based exam.
  • The exam is conducted in two parts - Part-A & Part-B.
  • The question paper is in English language only.
  • The Part-A is of 200 Marks and Part-B is of 100 Marks.
  • 2 marks are given for each right response in Part-A.
  • Part-A contains 3 sections-Section-I, Section-II, Section-III & Part-B contains Drawing & Designing Test.
  • Exam period of part A is 1 hour and that of part B is 2 hours.
  • Aspirants who have qualified in Part-A are applicable to appear for Part-B.
  • Negative Marking for Section-I is 0.6. Section-II has no negative marking and Section-III having 0.6 negative marking.

Read more about  CEED Exam Format

Preparation of CEED 2018

Here are some quick CEED 2018 Preparation Tips for your reference:

  1. Improve your creativity skills – The aspirant must-read topics concerned with Interaction Designs and also improved his skills in Visual Communications. There are some good books available in the market on these topics and aspirants can purchase them online via e-commerce websites.
  2. Solve earlier year question papers- The aspirants must go via the exams formats of earlier years and try solving the questions on their own. Aspirants should match their responses to see how well they did in those exams. Solving CEED Sample Papers can boost the morale of the aspirant appearing for the exam. So, download the earlier year’s papers from the official websites of different reputed institutes such as IIT and try solving it.
  3. Enhance 3D drawing skills- Improving the drawing skills is the necessity for completing the exam. Aspirants must be able to imagine and draw a 3D model of the thing they seekings to present. The best way is to sit with pen/pencil and paper and attempt to sketch. The candidates can try to improve their 3D skills by drawing common household items such as fruits, fridge or any other thing. More you draw, more you will learn about sketching which automatically makes you better prepared for it.
  4. Enhanced your creative thinking- The exam checks for the creative power of the aspirant. So the aspirant must try to response his questions in a various way if he/she can. Doing this will surely increase his chances of completing the exam as most of the aspirants are afraid to think out of the box while responding the same question.
  5. Proper time management- The aspirant must divide his time upon the different topics covered in the exam as per his grip on the topics. Like, if the aspirant is good in drawing then he must give more time in honing his skills in general awareness and other topics in which he finds himself in troubled waters.
  6. Read daily cartoon strip- Also, an aspirant must-read daily cartoon strips online or in the newspaper as it improves the aspirant’s ability to present his views in a storyboard pattern which impresses the evaluator.

Important Topics of CEED 2018

These are the Important Topics for Part A CEED 2018:

General Knowledge:Questions on general concepts of physics, chemistry or mathematics:Indian history, geography and architecture:3 D visualization:Sketching
The General knowledge section has questions from geography, history, civics and other concerned areas. Also, there are questions that test knowledge of history of architecture.In 2017 there was a question that tested the general logic of pulley. Since there is no defined syllabus so the question can be asked. So, it is advised to check the general questions that can be asked on the concepts of physics, chemistry and mathematics.The head is covered under general knowledge subhead. Still, there is a strong possibility that more questions come from the country and its history.There are a lot of questions that test your ability to visualize. The questions in part A of the exam are basic in nature. The part B questions are more difficult.There will be options given and you will be asked to identify the accurate option in part A of the exam.

These are the Important topics for part B CEED 2018:

Important Topics in Part B of CEED
Color theoryDesign conceptsCreative writing skillsCommunication skills
Light and shadowPerspectiveLogical reasoningProduct designing
Drawing ability and skillsLogo designingHow to develop charactersProblem identification and design problem solving

Weightage of Topics

Weightage is shown in below table:

SectionNo. of QuestionsQuestion TypeTotal MarksNegative Marks
15Numerical100.6 marks
210MCQ20 NO
335MCQ700.6 marks

Part B: It contains No Negative Marking. Syllabus For Part B and their weightage is shown in the following table:

SectionNo. of QuestionsQuestion TypeTotal Marks
14Questions has to Response50
24Anyone of them50

Difficulty Level of CEED

  • Part B was relatively easier. Part B of the exam had normal sketching questions. No Product Design concerned questions were asked. MCQs and MSQs were also good. Drawing part was tough and long.
  • Last year, the difficulty level of Part A was moderate. There were very fewer questions from GK and Maths. Most of the questions were on visualisation.

Advisable Books for CEED 2018

Important Books for Part A

  • Changes by Design by Tim Brown.
  • Perspective drawing by Joseph D Amelio.
  • Seeds For CEED by Bhushan Patil.
  • Basic Rendering by Robert W.Gill.

Important Books for Part B 

  • Sketching views of drawings and general things and drawing techniques by David Lewis.
  • Design drawing by Francis D.K. Ching.
  • The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman.

Online Resources

Other than the books, you may also take help from some of the online resource materials. They not just help you prepare in an conducted way, but also help you focus on the most important topics. Following websites provide online courses for CEED 2018 Preparation:


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