IRMA (Institute of Rural Management Anand) Exam Pattern 2018

Last Updated - March 06 2018

The Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) has announced the exam format for its entrance test- IRMA Exam. The paper format has been similar over the years. The exam is scheduled in February 2018 in online mode. IRMA 2018 is a gateway to courses like Fellowship Programme in Rural Management (FPRM) and Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM).

Here are the key points for IRMA 2018 Exam format:

  • Marking Scheme- +1 mark for every right response
  • Exam Duration- 2 hours
  • Negative Marking- -0.25 marks for every wrong response
  • Sections- Quantitative Ability, Analytical reasoning, Issue of Social concern and English Comprehension
  • Total Marks- 200 marks

Check  IRMA Syllabus

Note: The paper on ‘Issues of Social Concern’ is compulsory for Indian Nationals, along with their CAT/XAT/GMAT Score. The final selection rounds will consist of Group Discussion/ Individual Interview rounds. For Foreign Nationals, their admission will be granted straight on the basis of CAT/XAT/GMAT Score. 

Highlights of IRMA 2018 Exam Format

Exam ModeOnline
Number of Paper1
Number of Sections4 (Quantitative Ability, Social Issues, Analytical Reasoning, English Comprehension)
Question TypeMultiple Choice Questions
IMRA Exam Total Marks200 marks
IMRA Exam Timing2 hours
IMRA Exam LanguageEnglish
Marking Scheme+1 for each accurate response
Negative Marking-0.25 for each inaccurate response

Distribution of Marks in IRMA 2018

Questions will be divided into four sections and the marks allotted will be as follows:

  • Quantitative Ability – 50 marks
  • Issues of Social Concern – 60 marks
  • Analytical Reasoning – 50 marks
  • English Comprehension – 40 marks

Exam Format for Issues of Social Concern of IRMA 2018

The exam consists of questions based on Issues of Social Concern, which is a clear paper in itself. The other three sections covered in this exam are- English Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Quantitative Abilities.

  • The paper on ‘Issues of Social Concern’ is a unique test and the most important part of IRMA Exam.
  • Questions are framed to test the aspirant’s awareness concerned to national scenario and issues.
  • This section will carry a total of 60 marks.
  • This is one of a kind topic which is not a part of any other exam in the state.
  • The institute will also ask questions to check the aspirant’s ability to respond to situations and provide innovative solutions practically and economically feasible.

Important Topics in Issues of Social Concern

Important Topics in Issues of Social Concern
Economy of India and problems pertaining to National Income and per capita incomeSocial and economic issues relating to poverty, inequality, employment, and literacy
Human Development Index and its developmentsRTI
Agriculture, farming, livestock production and managementPublic Health Issues inclusive of health education and healthcare
Poverty alleviation and methods to combatNatural calamities and disaster management
National threats and security analysisFive Year Plan

IRMA 2017 Paper Analysis

  • The overall Level of difficulty was rated as Medium.
  • Maximum Questions were on Indian Economy (19 questions). 
  • Here is a brief about IRMA 2017 Paper Analysis for Issues on Social Concern section:
  • The difficulty level of questions Agricultural and Rural development schemes, Geography was rated as Medium to Hard.
TOPICNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Indian Economy19Medium-Hard
Agricultural and rural development schemes8Medium
Individualities, awards and place5Easy-Medium

IRMA Preparation Books for Issues of Social Concern

GK & Issue of Social ConcernWiley
Social And Ethical Aspects of Radiation Risk managementDeborah Oughton

Exam Format for English Comprehension of IRMA 2018

  • The exam paper will contain paragraphs and aspirants will be expected to respond the questions asked about the paragraph.
  • This section will carry a total of 40 marks.
  • This part of the paper is designed to check the fluency and grammar of an aspirant.
  • The questions will test the student's ability to grasp data and communicate it in the right way.

Important Topics in English Comprehension

Important Topics in English Comprehension
PassagesSynonyms & Antonyms
Mistake IdentificationSentence Arrangement

IRMA 2018 Paper Analysis

  •  The level of difficulty of this section will range from Easy to Medium.
  • The overall difficulty level of this section was rated as Medium.
  • There were total 50 questions in this section.
  •  There were 6 Para Jumble questions and the difficulty level was rated as Hard.
  • There were 15 Cloze test questions and the level of difficulty was rated between Easy to Medium.
  • It did not have any Grammar questions.
  • Here is a brief about IRMA 2017 Paper Analysis for English Comprehension Section:
Type of questionNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Passage (2)29Medium
Para jumble6Hard
Cloze test15Easy-Medium
Total50 -

IRMA Preparation Books for English Comprehension

Book NameAuthor
English Grammer & ComprehensionDr. N.D.V. Prasad Rao
English Language & Comprehension SkillSachchida Nand Jha

Exam Format for Analytical Reasoning of IRMA 2018

  • This part of the paper is framed to check aspirant’s ability to solve and decipher equation.
  • Aspirants will be given a set of questions and will be asked to solve an equation or relationship status.
  • Exercise is the key to solving this part.
  • This section will carry a total of 50 marks.

Important Topics in Analytical Reasoning

Important Topics in Analytical Reasoning
Number SeriesArrangements
Multi-Dimensional ArrangementFamily Structure
Grid AnalysisSyllogisms
Statements and ConclusionReasoning

IRMA Paper Analysis 2018

  • There were two sets of Sitting arrangements and comprised 10 questions- 5 questions each.
  • Here is a brief about IRMA 2017 Paper Analysis for Analytical Reasoning Section:
  • Odd word/letter out, Odd man out, Data sufficiency were the easiest section and aspirants can easily score in these questions.
  • The overall difficulty level was rated between Medium-Hard.
  • Data arrangement, Combination questions, Logical reasoning set and Mathematical reasoning were the toughest sections and the level of difficulty was hard.
  • There were total 50 questions on this section.
Type of questionNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Sitting arrangement (2 sets)10(5+5)Medium
Data arrangement7Hard
Data sufficiency5Easy
Odd word/letter out5Easy
Combination Question RC-CR4Medium
Combination Question5Hard
Logical Reasoning set based on sentence interferences5Hard
Mathematical reasoning2Hard

IRMA Preparation Books for Analytical Reasoning

Analytical ReasoningMK Pandey
Analytical Reasoning & Logical ReasoningPeeyush Bhardwaj

Exam Format for Quantitative Aptitude of IRMA 2018

  • Aspirants will require exercise and knowledge of equations and number system.
  • This part of the paper is framed to check the aspirant strength in mathematics.
  • This section will carry a total of 50 marks.
  • The questions will cover all aspects of Mathematics.

Important Topics in Quantitative Ability

Important Topics for Quantitative Ability
Graphical AnalysisAverages and Percentage
Interest (Simple & Compound)Trigonometry
GeometryPermutation and Combination

IRMA Paper Analysis 2018

  • The overall difficulty level of Quantitative ability was rated as Medium.
  • Data interpretation questions comprised Table, Pie charts, Bar graph and Line graph.
  • Quantitative ability questions of Probability and Percentages were the easiest and aspirants can easily score in these types of questions.
  • Data interpretation –Pie chart, Bar graph, table were the toughest questions, aspirants must exercise them.
  • IRMA 2017 had total 40 questions.
  • Here is a brief about IRMA 2017 Paper Analysis for Quantitative Ability Section:
Type of QuestionNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Data interpretation- Table15Medium-Hard
Data interpretation -Pie chart5Hard
Data interpretation- Bar graph10Medium-Hard
Data interpretation-Line graph5Medium
Data interpretation-Pie+ table5Easy
Quantitative ability- Probability3Easy
Quantitative ability-Percentages2Easy

IRMA Preparation Books for Quantitative Ability

Quantitative AptitudeDr. R.S. Aggarwal
Quantitative AptitudeS. Chand

Qualifying Criteria for IRMA 2018

Aspirants are selected for IRMA based on their performance in four various platforms. The personal marks secured by aspirants in the following stages will be taken into consideration.

CAT 2017 or XAT 2018

  • Aspirants should have appeared and passed in CAT 2017 or XAT 2018 to qualify for the exam
  • If the aspirant has appeared and cleared both the exams, then the highest marks will be taken into consideration
  • The marks secured by the aspirants is normalised to 40 and it is added along with the other elements

Qualifying Exam organizeed by IRMA

  • The paper will contain questions from four (mentioned above) subjects
  • IRMA 2018 is organizeed for a total of 200 marks
  • Aspirants should secure the at least qualifying marks in all the four subjects
  • The marks secured by the aspirants is normalised to 10 marks

Group Discussion

  • They are graded on the knowledge on the topic, ability to communicate fluently and skill to influence the group
  • The total marks honoured is 25 marks
  • Aspirants will be given a social topic and asked for debate on the root cause analysis, feasible and practical solutions

Individual Interview

  • Questions asked will be on reasons of course selection and on different social issues
  • The total marks honoured is 25 marks
  • Aspirants will be expected to appear before a panel of faculty
Note: The performance is summed up to 100 and the merit list is prepared on the basis of the marks secured. The grand total of the marks is taken as into consideration for the selection.

Sample Papers of IRMA 2018

  • Sample papers help aspirant get an idea of the Exam format, Type of Questions, Level of difficulty etc.
  • These exercise papers also help manage your time effectively. You get to learn how much time is a need for a particular section.
  • Practising these papers are known to be the best preparation tool for an exam.
  • To excel IRMA Exam, aspirants must refer IRMA Sample papers for a better preparation.

Download IRMA Sample Papers

Important Instructions for IRMA 2018

  • IRMA exam is an online exam and aspirants will have to properly plan their time to succeed the exam.
  • The exam paper will open only after the aspirant acknowledges the understanding of the instructions.
  • The exam page will contain the aspirant name in the top right corner, the name of the exam in the top left corner. The right side will contain the question palette.
  • This is fixed option and helps the aspirants to easily navigate between the questions. The palette has the following legends which are given below:
  • Aspirants should read the instruction given at the start of the exam.
  1. White box – Aspirant has not visited the question yet
  2. Red box – Aspirant has visited the question but has not responded it
  3. Green box – Aspirant has responded the question
  4. Purple box – Aspirant has marked the question for review
  • The palette will help the aspirants to plan their time effectively.
  • Aspirants are strongly advised to try the online demo available in the institute website for exercise and to get a feel of the exam. 

We hope this article helped you gain sufficient insights of IRMA Exam Format. Good Luck! Do refer to the advisable books and all important topics and you are good to go!

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