COMEDK 2018 Exam Preparation Tips

Last Updated - March 23 2018

COMEDK UGET is a state level examination organized for the student’s admission to Undergraduate Engineering courses. Preparation tips for COMEDK 2018 examination are included in Time Management, Study Material, and Revision etc. Cracking COMEDK is not a tough task if the preparation is done in right way. Check COMEDK Exam Format

COMEDK UGET 2018is scheduled for May 2018. The total time period to clear the paper is 3 hours. The paper is divided into three sections namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. There is no negative marking for wrong responses and every accurate response will be honored by 1 mark. The examination is organized via online method only and is included in objective type questions.

For the better preparation, students should have proper guidance regarding COMEDK Syllabus, Exam Format, Advisable Books, Topics to be studied etc. this article offers some tips and tricks to prepare COMEDK 2018.

COMEDK Exam 2018 Preparation tips

Aspirants are advised to make proper study plan and schedule in order to achieve best score and opportunities. Following are some important COMEDK Preparation Tips which are compiled together:

Clear Basics

Students have to complete their basics in all subjects. If their basics are not complete then, they cannot score good marks in the exam. For completing the basics students should start studies from the initial level.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise on a regular basis is the must. It is very difficult to memorize every formula of Mathematics. Mathematics is a subject which requires consistent exercise. That way, it’s better to write all the formulas and revise them whenever students will get time. Students are advised to solve questions which are less time consuming. Exercise will improve student’s performance and helps with time management.

Make Plan

Students must design their timetable in such a way that every subject will get proper time for preparation. That’s why before starting preparation, students must familiarize with the clear syllabus and examination format. With the help of earlier year examination paper, students will familiarize with the type of questions asked in the paper.

Better Study Material

For obtaining good marks right study material is very important. Students can also refer earlier year’s examination question paper. For a complete idea of the entrance exam, aspirants can also take help of COMEDK Mock Tests. The best way for the preparation is to start with class XI and XII books.

Time Management

Time Management is the most important parameter. Students should start solving those questions first which they feel more confident. Time management can be learned via exercise and regular test taking.

Making Short Notes

Students must keep in mind that with each covered topic and chapter they should make a small note or list of formulas that help them at the time of revision.

Group Discussions

For the better preparation of the entrance exam, group discussion is one of the valuation methods that can be followed. This mode of preparation is very beneficial because students will exchange their knowledge and ideas concerned to any of the topics.

Note down Syllabus

Before start preparing the entrance exam, students must note down the clear syllabus. The syllabus will contain all the topics that required to be covered in the examination.

Maintain Health

Students are advised to avoid stress because it may affect student’s health as well as performance. Students should take enough sleep and healthy food to sharpen their memory and stays healthy. After every hour, try to take rest of few minutes because it will increase concentration and interest.

Keep Revising

By practicing earlier year question paper, it will boost confidence and enhance the speed of solving the question and increase knowledge. Not a single topic from the syllabus should be left untouched. Students must try to clear the whole syllabus before the examination.

COMEDK Exam 2018 Section wise Preparation tips

The paper is divided into three sections namely Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. All the sections are mandatory to attempt and students must not skip any section. Following are the section wise preparation tips:


For obtaining the good scores students must exercise conceptual problems. Following is the list of some of the important topics of this section: They should make notes of important formulas, concepts, and theorems.

Alternation CurrentCapacitance
Heat & ThermodynamicsWave Optics
Present & ElectricityRadioactivity
Units of MeasurementSimple Harmonic Motion
Electromagnetic InductionGravitation
Motion in One, Two & Three DimensionPrinciples of Communication
Kinetic & Chemical Effects of CurrentEM Waves
Ray OpticsElastic Kinetic Theory of Gases and Vector Motions

Advisable Books for Physics Section

  • Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Base
  • Sure Success Comed-K by B Ramgopal
  • Aptitude Problems in Physics by S.S Krotov
  • Physics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by S.Dasharathi
  • Physics CET and COMEDK Books by R. Jerath


The total number of questions asked in this section is 60. The questions asked in this paper are conceptual and numerical in nature. Some major topics asked in this section are as follows:

Mole ConceptThermodynamics
Solid StateSolutions
Classification of Elements & Periodicity in PropertiesF Block Elements
Aromatic CompoundsAlcohols
Aldehydes & KetonesEnvironmental Chemistry
Nuclear ChemistryAtomic Structure & Chemical Bonding
Gaseous and Liquid StateSolutions
HydrogenP-Block Elements
Co-ordination CompoundsHaloarenes
PolymersChemistry in Action
Measurement in ChemistrySurface Chemistry
Chemical KineticsS-Block Elements
Metal and MetallurgyBasic Concepts
Carboxylic AcidsBiomolecules

Advisable Books for Chemistry Section

  • Chemistry for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Base
  • NCERT Book for Class 11th and 12th
  • IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal
  • Chemistry for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Dr. Somar Maruti H.


For scoring better marks in this section, the student should remember each and every formula. The following table shows the important topics that are compulsory for the students to prepare: Total 60 questions will be asked in this section.

CirclesVector Algebra
Matrices and DeterminantsDifferential Equations
Integral CalculusDifferential Calculus
Three Dimensional GeometryProbability
Number System -

Preference Books for Mathematics Section

  • Mathematics for Karnataka CET and COMEDK by Base
  • Algebra Made Easy by K. P Basu
  • Maths XI & XII by R.D. Sharma
  • NCERT Textbooks Class 11th and 12th

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