CLAT 2018 Photo & Signature Size, Exam Format and Other Details

Last Updated - February 26 2018

NUALS, Kochi, has prescribed certain guidelines for uploading of Photograph and Signature in the application form. Registration for CLAT commences from January 1 until March 31.

Common Law Admission Test or CLAT is the most famous law entrance exam in India. The guidelines are defined in the following particulars: The candidature will be canceled if aspirants fail to follow the same. There are certain rules and specifications that one required to abide by while filling in the form.

  • Guidelines for uploading SAP certification
  • Guidelines for Scribe
  • Uploading and Scanning the Photograph

CLAT 2018 Guidelines for Photograph Specification

Mentioned below are the clear guidelines and instructions regarding uploading photo in CLAT 2018 application form:-

  • Look directly at the camera with a relaxed face.
  • If the picture is taken on a sunny day, have the sun behind you, or place yourself in the shade, so that you are not squinting and there are no harsh shadows. 
  • If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be completely seen.
  • If you have to use flash, ensure there's no "red-eye".
  • The photograph must be a recent passport size color picture. 
  • It must have a white or a very light colored background.

CLAT Photo Dimensions: – 200 X 230 pixels (preferred)

CLAT Photo Size: - Between 20 KB – 50 KB

CLAT 2018 Photo pattern: - JPEG only

Note If the size of the file is more than 50 KB, then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, no. of colors etc., during the procedure of scanning.

Guidelines for CLAT Signature Specifications

There are certain guidelines which are slated by the organizing body for uploading and scanning of signature in the online form. They are as follows:

  • Only participant signature is eligible and not for any other person. 
  • The signature must be done on a white paper with a black ink pen.
  • The particular will be uploaded to the application, hall ticket and wherever necessary.
  • The signature on the hall ticket and attendance sheet at the time of the exam should match the uploaded signature. Any mismatch will result in disqualification.

CLAT Signature Dimensions: - 140 X 60 pixels

CLAT Signature Size: - 10 KB to 20 KB

CLAT 2018 Signature pattern: - JPEG only

CLAT 2018 Scanning the Photograph and Signature

While scanning the need particulars, it is important to check few instructions as mentioned below:

  • File Size must be same as mentioned above.
  • Place the photograph/signature on the scanner and scan the same.
  • Set the scanner resolution to an at least of 200 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Set Colour to True Colour
  • The size or resolution of the images can be modified using MS Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Adobe Photoshop.
  • The image file should be JPost Graduate or JPEG pattern.
  • After scanning, crop the images to remove the unrequired area.

CLAT 2018 Do’s and Don’ts for Photograph and Signature

To avoid rejection of the application for the law entrance examination, the following information must be kept in mind.

  • The face of aspirant (between chin and forehead) must occupy more than 50% area of the photograph.
  • The face of the aspirant must be completely visible and there must not be any unnecessary shadows or reflections in the image.
  • Avoid abstract or dark backgrounds in the photograph.
  • Do not take pictures from a smartphone. The photograph to be uploaded must be professionally clicked and should be of high quality.
  • The signature must be done on white paper. Any other background in the signature may lead to rejection.
  • Also, the signature must be done with black ink only. All other variants of inks must be avoided.
  • Caps, hats and dark glasses are not acceptable. Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.
  • If an aspirant wears glasses regularly, then it must be ensured that there is no undue reflection or glare in the eyes.
  • Aspirants must not wear dark/tinted glasses. Only complete glasses are allowed.

Guidelines for SAP and PwD Aspirants

The National University of Advanced Law Studies, Kochi has specified guidelines for SAP/ PwD aspirants. Aspirants who are visually impaired/ with cerebral palsy/ with locomotor impairment, and whose speed of writing or use of keyboard/mouse is affected, can get the help of a scribe for the online method examination.

Listed below are quick facts concerned with Scribes:

  • The same scribe cannot be used by more than one aspirant.
  • Scribe will only help to read the instructions and questions, along with mouse clicks.
  • An appropriate undertaking required to be given by both the parties.
  • The aspirant has the option of bringing a scribe of his/ her own choice or opt for a scribe to be arranged by CLAT Authority.
  • The helper can be from any academic stream.
  • A separate form required to be filled by SAP/ PwD aspirants taking help of a scribe.
Note Further, in case it later transpires that she/he did not fulfill any laid down eligibility criteria or suppressed material facts, the candidature of the participant will stand canceled, irrespective of the result of the examination. 

CLAT 2018 Definition of Persons with Disabilities

A person with disability or PwD means a person with long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment which hampers his/ her participation in society equally with others. “Person with benchmark disability” means a person with not less than 40% of a specified disability, as certified by the certifying authority.

1. In CLAT documents and online application form, ‘Persons with Disability’ (PwD) and ‘Specially Abled Persons’ (SAP) have been used interchangeably as is used by the respective NLUs.
2. The disability has been specifically classified as MNLU, Aurangabad. The participant has to choose the one suitable for the three categories of SAP (PH1/PH2/PH3) within the State.
3. The SAP/PwD aspirants shall be applicable for the compensatory time of 40 minutes for every hour of the examination.

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