AFCAT 2018 Photo & Signature Size, Dimensions, Format and Other Details

Last Updated - February 24 2018

Aspirants applying for AFCAT 2018 entrance exam have to fill up the application form by attaching a color passport size photo and signature of the prescribed dimensions.

Before candidates fill up the AFCAT Application Form 2018, they should read the instructions cautiously and adhere to the prescribed dimensions. The last date to submit the finished AFCAT Application Form 2018 is January 23, 2018. The official notification for AFCAT 2018 was announced on December 25, 2017.

Photo Size and Specifications for AFCAT 2018

While filling out the application form for AFCAT 2018, aspirants required to pay attention to the prescribed specifications. Some important pointers concerned with photo size are as follows:

  • AFCAT 2018 photo size: 10 to 50 Kb
  • Photo resolution: 100 x 120 pixels
  • AFCAT 2018 photo background color: White
  • Image pattern: JPEG/JPG

Note that the passport photo should not have a cap or sunglasses. Spectacles are permitted if used on a regular basis.

Signature and Thumb Impression Specifications for AFCAT 2018

Uploading images online can seem to be a difficult procedure given the prescribed specifications. However, there are many simple methods that can be used to resize the passport photo, signature, and the thumb impression.

How to Resize Photo using MS Paint

  • Open the image with MS Paint
  • Click on ‘Ok’ and check the image properties of the image
  • Go to the toolbar and select the ‘Resize’ option
  • Uncheck ‘Maintain Aspect Ratio’ and readjust the pixels as per prescribed specifications

How to Resize Photo using Windows Photo Gallery

  • Select the photo to be resized from Windows Photo Gallery
  • Click on ‘Resize’ and set preset option
  • Enter prescribed dimensions
  • From the properties, menu click on ‘Edit’
  • Next, click ‘Custom’ option from the list
  • Click ‘Resize and Save’

How to Resize Photo using Photoshop

  • Select the image to be resized
  • Click on ‘Image’ drop-down menu and select ‘Image Size’
  • Click on ‘Ok’
  • Next, uncheck the box ‘Constraint Proportions’
  • Type in the prescribed dimensions in the width and height box

AFCAT 2018 Guidelines to Attach Photograph on Application Form

Aspirants tend to make mistakes while filling up the AFACT 2018 application form especially while selecting the photo to be uploaded. In order to avoid being disqualified, candidates required to keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Face must be visible and should cover 75% of the photo area.
  • The passport size photo must be taken using a professional camera. Avoid using smartphones. Ensure that the background is white.
  • Ensure that proper lighting is used while taking the photo. Avoid flash, improper lighting or dim light setting that can lead to disqualification of the application.
  • Eye contact must be maintained with the camera when the photo is being taken. Avoid wearing caps, scarfs, and mufflers.
  • Students are permitted to wear spectacles if worn regularly.

In case the images scanned and do not meet the prescribed specifications, then it can be rectified during form correction.

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