SRM Amravati Admissions B.Tech. 2018

Last Updated - February 17 2018

SRM Amravati Admissions B.Tech. 2018

SRM University has opened up a new and efficient campus at Amravati. The final merit list would be made concomitantly including entrance exam, interview and extracurricular activities. courses are organizeed via different entrance exams like IITJEE (MAINS), SRMJEE and SAT. The students are also offered scholarship on merit cum required basis.      It is under the coveted umbrella of SRM group. The students have to fulfil certain eligibility criteria regarding board exams and entrance exam. The students would be called for interview after normalisation of entrance score. The admission to BTech. There is also a provision of direct admission based on spectacular academic performance. The final merit list for admission also considers extracurricular and co-curricular activities.


    15th Mar 2018 - 25th Apr 2018

  • Method of Application

    Online & Offline Both

Important Dates for SRM Amravati Admissions B.Tech. 2018

Application Forms15th Mar - 15th May 2018
SRMJEE01st - 30th Apr 2018
IITJEE(MAINS)08th - 09th Apr 2018
CBSE Results23rd May 2018
Deadline for uploading academic details25th May 2018
Interviews03rd Jun, 2018

Eligibility Criteria for SRM Amravati Admissions B.Tech. 2018


There are two criteria for eligibility at SRM Amravati. Different ranks and score need for admission have been enlisted below:

  • Students applying should have secured a rank of up to 125000 in IITJEE (Mains)
  • Students applying should have an at least score of 1200 in SAT (including PCM)
  • Students applying should have secured a rank of up to 35000
These are board exams and entrance exams. You required fulfilling some basic criteria for admission at SRM Amravati. These criteria have been enlisted below:

  1. BOARD EXAMS: Students should have scored an at least of 60% in each of subject of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in class 12 board examination or equivalent grade for approved boards.
  2. ENTRANCE EXAM: Admission to SRM Amravati is organizeed via different entrance exams like IITJEE(Mains), SRMJEE and SAT.

Admission Procedure of SRM Amravati Admissions B.Tech. 2018


For admission to SRM university, you required being a sound individuality along with being an academic performer. The criteria have been explained in depth in points enumerated below:

  1. ENTRANCE EXAM: Entrance Exam holds 70% weightage of the score for admissions. All students will be required to submit a portfolio of extra-curricular interests and achievements including Literature, Sports, Arts, Dance, etc. They required having an at least score/rank in each entrance to be applicable for admission procedure. The criteria for such admission is decided by the management and have been enumerated below:

    • National board toppers: Merit list in either Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics or sub 5000 ranks in CBSE
    • State level board toppers: Within 100 ranks
    • State-level entrance exam toppers: Within 100 ranks
    • NTSE/KVPY scholars
    • National entrance exam topper: Within 5000 ranks in IITJEE OR Within 1000 ranks in SRMJEEE
    • INPHO/INCHO/INMO/INOI/INAO – National level Olympiad attendees (or higher levels such as national level camp or representing India in the international Olympiads in the same subjects)
    Students can apply for admission via different examinations mention below. This also contains the list of co-curricular activities such as scientific projects, conclaves/ symposiums attended, non-main stream (national or state level entrance exams or school level examination) academic achievements.


SRM Amravati offers the provision of direct admissions to certain aspirants. The interview would have different parameters to gauge interest, potential and initiative.
  • EXTRACURRICULAR AND COCURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: This factor holds 10% weightage in the admission score. After ranking students on basis of entrance exam, interview calls would be rolled out to potential aspirants. List of entrance exam has been enlisted below along with normalisation
    • Students must have taken SRMJEE OR IITJEE (MAINS) OR SAT based on which they will be graded
    • Scores will be normalised across SRMJEE, IITJEE (mains) and SAT score based on which students will be graded
    • In case student submit multiple scores, the best of scores will be taken into consideration
    1. INTERVIEW: Interview holds 30% weightage of the score for admissions. The interview would be organizeed by the eminent panel. Students are judged on three criteria: Entrance Exam, Interview and extracurricular activities.

    Scholarship of SRM Amravati Admissions B.Tech. 2018

    SRM Amaravati offers scholarships to students on a merit cum required basis. There are four criteria for scholarships. A scholarship panel will review each of the applications. Students will be required to apply for the scholarship after the commencement of the courses.

    • Merit
    • Socially underprivileged
    • Differently abled
    • Economically Challenged

    Awarding of the scholarship will be entirely at the discretion of the Scholarships Panel.100% scholarships (tuition and accommodation fee waiver) will be offered to 1/6th of the students.50% scholarships (tuition fee only) will be offered to1/3rd of the students.

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