GIBS 2018 prepares for JOB MELA on 10th February 2018

Last Updated - February 09 2018

GIBS, Bangalore

8th February 2018, Bangalore: The date approaches rapidly with so much happening in 2018 like the triple moon fantasy. The lucky few would succeed and the rest may be endowed with better luck next time. Business management student job aspirations do have numerous opportunities, but the Job Mela on 10th February is a rare occasion with 26 companies to date have confirmed their participation. Some top-notch companies providing exalted positions that ensure starry futures make it an exhilarating opportunity for some, of course.

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore has succeeded very well since it's inception in 2001 to mold mighty business managers who opt for suitable specializations in keeping with individual aptitude and interests. MBA and PGDM are their flagships postgraduate courses, though they also provide undergraduate BBA and B.Com courses.

Designations for employment provided by the companies, the need years of experience, qualifications expected, whether graduate or postgraduate and the salary range in rupees per month are mentioned. Potential student employees have 0 years of work experience, though some postgraduate students would have work experience prior to taking up studies.

It is interesting to note that many qualified engineers and hospitality or healthcare professionals opt for an additional business management degree that opens up vast new senior positions in work cultures. The beginning may not appear grand, but prospects are excellent for quick promotions in leading companies, the fastest promotions coming in business management rather than most other professions. IT, Finance, Accounting, HR, Healthcare, Relationship Manager and Customer Care Executives are some positions provided.

GIBS 2018 Companies that accept 2018 batch students

Some companies like Infosys do stipulate that the students of the 2018 batch are applicable to apply for the jobs. Other companies that will accept the 2018 batch students are:

  • Career League Pvt. Ltd.
  • Meeci Engineering
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Pragati Corporate
  • Sumeru group
  • HR IT Global
  • BigSpire Software
  • Wetechnologies
  • Bright HR Solutions and Services
  • CalibeHR Human Capital Services

GIBS 2018 Positions provided

Kotak Mahindra Bank provides designations like Sales/Marketing Executives that required Graduates or Postgraduates of 0-3 years of experience with an provided salary is up to INR 30,000 per month. Kotak has other destinations for providing with similar specifications like Relationship Manager, CSA, Customer Service and Business Development Executives.

LIC of India has similar requirements of qualification, experience, and salaries.  The LIC designations are somewhat similar too. They required Finance Advisors, Relationship Managers, and Executives in Sales/Marketing, Customer Service, and Business Development.

Wetechnologies and Sumeru Group provide as many as 10 designations each! Most of the 26 companies like Axis bank provide 5 or 6 designations each. Bright HR Solutions and Services goes even further with 11 posts on providing.

GIBS 2018 The selection procedure

Though the essential details are mentioned, the number of vacant posts is not mentioned. Being a student of GIBS has many advantages like receiving the best internships and thus being exposed to the working world race. Though many jobs look very attractive, the problem is to succeed with the selection. Raw graduates and postgraduates with no experience in the professional field find it a tedious procedure to fulfill all the requirements to apply and be successfully selected. Further, they are coached about resume building and the skills of facing interviews and group discussions. Excellent expression in speech and writing is very important too in the selection procedure.

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