Dr. Nishikant M. Borge, Academic Head of ISMS (International School of Management Studies), Pune

Last Updated - April 06 2018

With a career spanning more than 30 years in teaching and education administration, Dr. Nishikant’s educational qualification comprises Ph.D. from Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune in Management; M.Th. (Master of Theology) from Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Pune in Theology; MDBA (Master’s Diploma in Business Administration) from the Institute of Management Development and Research [IMDR], Pune in Human Resource Management and Marketing and BLA (Bachelor of Liberal Arts) from Spicer Memorial College, Pune in Philosophy and History. Apart from this, Dr. Nishikant has certification in German Language from Max Muller.

Presently working as Academic Head & Dean of International School of Management Studies, Pune. Dr. Nishikant has previously worked as an Associate Professor in IBSAR (Institute of Business Studies and Research), Pune and as an Associate Professor and Head of Department of Biblical Languages at Spicer Memorial College. Apart from this, Dr. Nishikar has also attended different seminars and conferences. Dr. Nishikant has also worked as the visiting faculty in a number of institutes.

Dr. Nishikant’s experience in the education sector

Being a teacher in the education sector has been a very humbling experience, on one hand, and exciting on the other. It is humbling because a teacher has the responsibility of imparting knowledge and not just passing on information. Teaching is also very exciting because a teacher is expected to be constantly in the flow of unfolding knowledge. Transforming information into knowledge is an arduous task because unless information becomes meaningful, teaching cannot be effective. It is a great responsibility to mould young mind and help the young people to find their way in life.

Dr. Nishikant’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

In a world that is changing at a fast pace, there is a required for people who would think beyond themselves and lead others in the right direction. It is essential for a leader to be able to lead everyone, both weak and strong and achieve their and organizational goals. This has been my modus operandi in leading the students. 

Dr. Nishikant on time management

Prioritize the work and attempt to follow the schedule.

Dr. Nishikant’s relationship with present student and alumni of ISMS, Pune

I always try and find time for the students. We organize informal interaction with the students where we attend to their concerns as well as give our views on their performance. At ISMS, the students are very important and we never turn them away when they required us by sharing knowledge from our past experience. We are in constant interaction with our past students and the industry they are with. Apart from this, we often invite our past students to impart their experience about the corporate world. We take the help of our alumni for placing our students.

Dr. Nishikant on how a healthy culture and climate is founded among the diverse family of ISMS, Pune

The culture of ISMS is very friendly and open, which allows for all the students to get the attention they seeking from us. We have developed a healthy culture over the years by consciously developing, with us and among the students, a deep sense of respect for each other. Thus, we have a very good climate fostering the close bond between management and students.

Dr. Nishikant on what makes stand apart from other institutions

Firstly, our academic program is oriented towards the required of the hour – i.e. all courses are Strategic Management oriented. Thirdly, the courses that we provide are all centred on research that helps the students to develop critical and research-oriented thinking. Secondly, we give individual attention to each student for their course-work.

Read more about the courses and fee of ISMS, Pune here.

Qualities, which over the years have helped Dr. Nishikant and the entire management create a brand name for ISMS, Pune

The selection procedure for getting calibre students, well-qualified faculty with long years of experience and a good academic and social culture.

Dr. Nishikant on how do they prepare students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

We have special sessions with the students where we help them to understand the required for professionalism, know the importance of developing strategic thinking, develop their individual and professional skills and develop a mind to research.

Goals in mind for ISMS, Pune for the next five years

Skill enhancement in the areas of critical thinking, strategic thinking, and other professional skills, to make the students willing for employability in the corporate world, to organizing the time to time Faculty Development Programme to enhance the academic standards of the Institution and to improve teaching methods by strong institute-industry collaboration.

Suggestions for the present youth and the aspiring students

Gain knowledge beyond your normal academic requirement, learn to come out the comfort-zone and broaden your horizon of understanding and develop professionalism with respect to the corporate world.

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