Dr. Jitendra Banweer, Director of SIRTS (Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science)

Last Updated - April 05 2018

Dr. MODROBS and has finished one research project funded by IEDC Chennai as Principal Investigator. His expertise is in the areas of Transdermal Drug Delivery System, Matrix System, Tablet Technology.  He got GATE-99 Scholarship, got C.V. Raman International Fellowship as Host Scientist 2010, is running one research project sanction from MAPCOST, Bhopal 2010 as Principal Investigator, got two projects funded by AICTE, as Principal Investigator, New Delhi. Jeetendra’s academic record has been really well. b). Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC). a).

Dr. Jitendra’s experience in the education sector

I have been in this education sector since I started taking education, probably from KG standard. I must say that it is the mother of all the sectors. The sector is really vast and it is changing every moment.

All the other sectors are just subsidiary or disciplines of it. But as you know like a mother at home or trunk of a tree in ground always compromises or is deprived on nutrition besides its greatest contribution, so is the case here also. 

Then also, I find this is the noblest of the sector to work in and as such it has all the spheres of the activities which will give you wealth, health happiness and gratification and contribution towards making the world a better place to live. 

Dr. Jitendra’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

I don’t have any style of leadership. Rather, I simply follow and believe my instincts before taking any judgment. The biggest quality of my individuality is the flexibility and openness to the better solution or option available.

I believe that leadership is an extensive word which comprises many qualities and there couldn’t be the benchmark or SOP for it. The most important aspect of leadership is effective communication.

Significant challenges faced by Dr. Jitendra as the Director of Pharmacy of SIRTS, Bhopal

I think and wish that life should be lived as facing challenges only. Challenges invite you, motivate you, offer a kind of energy and vigour to overcome it.

Challenge is itself a positive terminology. It always pushes you to perform better and better. This is my philosophy towards challenges.

Curriculum of SIRTS

We do follow the curriculum offered by the PCI and University. Apart from it, we have created certain courses and topics of industrial and practical applications, which we try to literate the students by organizing value addition courses.

In fact, we offer industrial training to students also to make them more industry oriented and capable of handling the working of the industries.

Read about the courses and fee of SIRTS here.

Changes noticed by Dr. Jitendra the education sector over the past few years and the skill set needed by a corporate in a student

The education sector is the most dynamic sector and changes happen each moment each day. Challenge is to update yourself with the changing times and technologies.

I had felt that in recent past the use of gadgets and internet has offered a revolutionary effect and impact of the education industry.

The growth of students via placement opportunities available at SIRTS

Our institute makes the students willing to face the campuses, interviews etc. We offer them training on different aspects of placements right from technical competency, soft skills, presentation abilities, we work on their aptitude and manner also.

In my institution, none of the students is unemployed as such. They have been offered with ample placement opportunities which they encash and get placed at better salary structure.

Dr. Jitendra’s relationship with the students being the Director-Pharmacy of SIRTS, Bhopal

I am having very cordial and friendly relationship with the students. Even they can share and take help from me on their individual and family matters. I am always available to my students without any timing slot or formalities.

Ideal school environment, according to Dr. Jeetendra and how he encourages that kind of culture in SIRTS

School atmosphere should be conducive supportive and cordial for the overall growth of the student right from technical to moral to ethical to cultural and social education.

Top qualities according to Dr. Jeetendra that an aspiring Pharmacy student must possess

Utmost important thing is the keen interest and first choice of the course as a Pharmacy. It shouldn’t be the compromised choice of the aspirant then only the aspirant would explore the hidden and latent prospects of the profession clearly.

Goals in mind for SIRTS for the next few years

Centre of Excellence in producing a better human being, a responsible citizen of the country and skilled and competent professional by any means.

Suggestions for the present youth and the aspiring students

Follow your instincts, success will follow you. Best wishes!

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