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Last Updated - March 22 2018

Essay Writing in XAT is an important section and it is the section which makes this test unique. Essay writing will gain you the maximum of 20 marks if you prepare well for that along with the rest of the sections. It may seem to be easy for most of us to write an essay on some random topic however the topics asked in earlier XAT exam is not that easy to be written about. You have to really enhance your writing skills along with latest topics to score well in this section. Usually, you have to write on a given topic 200 words count within 20 minutes.

XAT is another hope for MBA candidates to get admission in good B school. XAT Application Procedure has been started for XAT and the last date for applying is November 30, 2017. XAT is a pen paper-based exam and its pattern remains same. The question paper will consist of Quant section, verbal ability section and General Knowledge and essay writing section.  XAT 2018 is going to held on January 07, 2018.

The essay writing part in XAT will basically judge the following traits of the aspirants:-

  • Clarity of thoughts- How complete and confident you are about your perception of a given topic
  • A flow of Ideas- How efficiently you can portray your ideas in the written pattern.
  • Usage of Grammar- How accurately you can form the sentences which are grammatically correct.
  • Facts and Data- Are you able to incarnate your arguments with facts and data.
  • Writing skills in predefined timing constraints- how well you can write on a given topic with the word and time limits.
  • Subjective Knowledge- How much information you have on the asked theme

Now let’s have a look at earlier asked topics in XAT-

2000Ships are safer in the arbor. But they are not meant for the same
2001Economic Growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence
2002Indian Economy in the Post WTO Era
2003To give real service, one required to add something that cannot be bought or measured, like sincerity and integrity
2004Asked at the age of 83, as to which of his project would he choose as his masterpiece, Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect responded, The next one
2005More than one billion Indians: A gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities
2006India has one of the largest pool of talented manpower, but few innovations and patented products
2007Economic growth without environmental damage – a mirage or a reality
2008Gender Bias: Cause of Third World War
2009The Inherent vice of Capitalism is unequal sharing of blessings and the inherent virtue of Socialism is equal sharing of misery
2010Earth offer enough to satisfy every man’s required but not every man’s greed required
2011The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what attitude they ought to employ their capitals would not only load himself with most unnecessary attention but assume an authority which could safely be trusted to no council and senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of man who has folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to practice it
2012Poverty is a big menace in India. Due to its complexity and magnitude, most of the government initiatives fail. Poverty is a consequence of the failure of government policies due to the fact that governments do not target the root causes
2013Corruption is the root cause of the economic slowdown in India
2014The most beautiful things in the world cannot be touched or seen but are only felt with the heart

From above data, it is complete that the themes asked are usually topics from socioeconomics to political to international issues recently. Keep yourself updated with recent happenings and issues. For this, you can read newspapers on daily basis to get a touch up of going on issues.

Useful tips for XAT Essay Section

You can also follow the tips mentioned below while attempting this section:-

  • Maintain the proper structure of the essay. Keep following guidelines in mind while writing-
  • Do not make one single paragraph
  • Avoid using jargons or slangs
  • Highlight the important points by mentioning them in bullets
  • Avoid using abbreviations, Use full words like television instead of TV
  • Always make the first paragraph of your introduction of the topic.it should be a summary of your whole essay. You can use the inverted pyramid style
  • Form grammatically accurate sentences. Use of punctuations,
  1. To keep the word count of your essay within the prescribed limits. Since you have to stick to the word count try writing in such an attitude that you do not miss the important information while limiting to the word limits
  2. Correlate your ideas and your topic logically. Do not write something out of anywhere.
  3. Use a good vocabulary, it will definitely increase your chances to score well in this section.

Below mentioned are some good Essay Writing books which can help you prepare for the latest topics that can be asked in the entrance test and how to attempt them.

Book NameAuthor’s NameISBN
101 essays Present Essays for Competitive examinationsMaple Press9788183555395
Latest Probable EssaysS. Rajinder Dhillon8186651225
Modern EssaysUma Kant Singh9351769275
151 Supreme EssaysRPH Editorial Board8178125943


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