VITEEE 2018 Mock Test

Last Updated - January 31 2018

VITEEE 2018 Mock Test has announced online on January 6, 2018 at Practicing mock test gives an idea about exam format and division of subjects. VITEEE mock test is available only for a few days. The mock test gives a real-time experience of the examination.

  • The mock test is for 150 minutes.
  • VITEEE Mock Test is exactly similar to the main VITEEE exam.
  • There is no login to VITEEE Mock Test 2018. Aspirants can just click on login and take the test.

Mock Test is announced to make aspirants familiar with the user interface of the actual VITEEE Exam. It is advised that aspirants must take the mock test to have an exact idea of how the exam looks like.

VITEEE 2018 Mock Test How to take?

  • Visit
  • Click on Mock Test
  • The test will be automatically logged in.
  • Tick the checkbox to confirm the details and Sign in.
  • Read the instructions and Continue with the VITEEE Mock Test.


  • Do not close the window while taking the test.
  • Submit the test whenever it is finished. In case the time elapses, the system will automatically submit the test.
  • Before starting the test, verify the Login id and password, offered on VITEEE Hall Ticket. The details will have to be verified at the time of the actual test.

Before you proceed to VITEEE Mock Test, read the following set of instructions:

  • VITEEE 2018 mock test replicate the style, pattern, and timing of the real examination that gives the aspirant a chance to exercise their approach to the test as well as skill need.
  • VITEEE mock test enables the aspirants to test themselves under the timed condition.

The test allows the aspirant to get accustomed to navigating between the screens.

What will appear on VITEEE 2018 mock test page?

  • Total number of questions in each section and question panel.
  • Total Number of questions to be attempted in a section and questions selected by aspirants to response to the 4 options.
  • Buttons (Hide, Earlier, Next, Mark, and Complete) for the navigational procedure.
  • Timer for the VITEEE mock test.
  • VITEEE mock test page will consist the following sections- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology and English
  • Symbols that signifies the status of your responses/unresponsive questions.

What can be done while taking the mock test?

  • Aspirants may initiate from the section they are most comfortable in.
  • Aspirants can use the earlier or next button to the response after responding a particular question.
  • They can click on any question they wish to attempt in a particular section and response that.
  • In the mock test, the Green symbol stands for the response questions, light brown denotes "Marked for review", light grey symbol signifies "Not Response Questions" and blue stands for "Response and Marked".
  • Out of the 4 options in the response, aspirants obligatory to choose one accurate response by clicking on it.
  • Aspirants can change their response options any number of times before the final submission of the test.

Benefits of taking VITEEE Mock Test

  • Aspirants get familiar with the exam format, instructions and overall process of the actual VITEEE 2018 by attempting the mock test.
  • Taking the mock test time and again makes an aspirant improve their academic performance, speed, and accuracy in solving the problem questions. This will also help them in managing their test time effectively as well as efficiently.
  • Those taking the test would also build confidence in them.

Highlights of VITEEE 2018 Exam Format

  • The period of a test is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • There is no provision of negative marking for marking wrong responses.
  • The total number of questions is 125, divided into 4 sections.
  • Each question is followed by 4 answers in serial A, B, C, D.
  • The distribution of questions for VITEEE 2018 is represented in the following table:
SectionsNumber of QuestionsQuestion Range
Physics401 - 40
Chemistry4041 - 80
Mathematics/Biology4081 – 120
English5121 - 125

Check detailed VITEEE Exam Format

Navigational Instructions

  • The navigational buttons in VITEEE Mock Test are:
  • Select the best response for each question.

  • Use “Hide Question Panel” to hide the question panel.
  • Click “Next” button to move to the next question.
  • Every time you select an option or a particular question “Attempted” questions will be displayed in “Green” color. Questions that are “Not Attempted” will be displayed in “White” color.
  • Click on “Earlier” button to move to the earlier question.
  • Change the answer to any question by marking the new answer or use “Complete” to complete the answer.
  • Click on “Mark for Review” to bookmark the question.
  • Section tabs appear on the top of the screen. Click on it to navigate to any section.
  • Questions that are attempted and are bookmarked will be displayed in “Blue” color while the questions that are “Not Attempted” and bookmarked will be displayed in “Orange” color.
  • Keep a watch on the “Clock” on the top right-hand corner of the exam window for the time remaining.
  • View your “Test Summary” in “Resources” drop-down, available on the top right-hand side of the screen (only while you’re taking the test Not After Submission).
  • After completion of the test, click “End Test” to submit the test.
  • “End Test” button will be visible only in the “Last Question” of the “Last Section”.
  • Click on “Start Exam” to start the test.

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