TISSNET 2018 How to Prepare General Knowledge?

Last Updated - February 26 2018

TISSNET is an online exam that tests an aspirant on English Proficiency, Math & Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge.

While the English and Reasoning sections can be mastered with ample exercise, the General Knowledge section poses to be an obstacle for TISSNET exam takers. TISSNET GK section has a blend of static and dynamic general awareness questions. This is mainly because this section has the highest weight in the test.

Aspirants who wish to do well in TISSNET 2018 cannot afford to take the GK section lightly. Personals who have already been admitted into TISS swear that candidates who secure a 30+ score in this section will surely get a call from the institute. So, in this article, we will look at ways to achieve mastery in the TISSNET GK section and tools to help you do it.

TISSNET 2018 Importance of GK Section

Any participant aiming to secure a seat in the programs provided by TISS will agree that GK section is the most important section of the online test. Those who do well in this section have a higher chance of getting admitted into the institute.

Aspirants generally tend to focus more on the English and Math & Reasoning sections and this is where they lose the edge. To understand why this section is important, let us look at the significance of TISS GK section given below: In TISSNET 2018, GK has the highest number of questions and doing well in this section can assure a very good score.

  • Better Accuracy: The questions of the GK section offer participants with a distinct advantage of improving their accuracy. This is because if they know the response to a question, there is very little scope for confusion. Even if personals do not know the response, they will not waste their time pondering over the question. Since there is no negative marking scheme in TISSNET 2018, candidates can also guess the responses rationally.
  • Considerable Weightage: Out of the 100 questions asked in TISSNET, 40 questions are asked from the GK section. This section has more weight as compared to other tests like XAT, IIFT or SNAP which give relatively less weight to GK. Thus, this section plays a critical role in boosting the scores obtained in the test.
  • Time Management: In TISS GK, questions asked are highly time efficient as they can be solved within a few seconds. Participants can use this to their advantage especially in papers like TISSNET, which do not have sectional time limits and allocate more time on sections which are more time to consume.

TISSNET 2018 Preparation for GK

Questions in the GK section of TISSNET 2018 can be roughly divided into 2 categories- Static and Dynamic. This combination of questions is usually asked in equal proportion.

Static questions are those which have been more or less the same throughout the course of history i.e. on founded facts and figures. The questions of the dynamic category comprise the present affairs, new events unfolding in the business, political, social and technological world.

Students generally tend to focus more on the dynamic aspect and this is where their preparation lacks. They can follow the preparation tips given below to do well in this section- The static category is equally important. Candidates should have a various strategy or approach so as to cover both types of questions.

Dynamic General Knowledge:

  • The only way to do well in such type of questions is to read a good newspaper like The Hindu or Indian Express. Participants can also read a business newspaper like The Economics Times or magazines to stay in touch with the entrepreneurial events happening around the world.
  • Aspirants appearing for TISSNET must also be thorough with the past 6- 12 months’ present affairs.
  • Watch English news channels minimum once or twice a day. This can help keep students be updated with the present events. Watching news has an added advantage of improving the personal’s visual memory. Candidates should also listen to debates on different socio-political topics as this can not only help in TISSNET, but it will also prepare them for the GD/ PI rounds. Debates help form opinions on issues by widening our perspective and considering both sides of the stories.

Static General Knowledge:

  • The only way to be able to response static GK questions is by referring to books and digests. These offer an extensive collection of figures and facts from nearly all genres of topics.
  • Participants should make it a point to solve TISSNET 2018 mock tests and earlier years’ papers which can help them analyze the format of questions asked in the GK section.
  • Apart from these, aspirants can also refer to GK capsules and other devices available online.

TISSNET 2018 GK Important Topics

Students should know the topics they must focus on while preparing for TISS GK. Not all topics are important and they must not waste time preparing for such topics. We have mentioned a few important topics that should be studied so as to attempt the maximum number of questions in this section:

  • Sports individualities and latest achievements
  • Labor laws, trade unions, and NGOs in present news
  • Basic economy- RBI, annual budget highlights, revolutions in agriculture, etc.
  • Present affairs- Polity, Geography, Socio-political and socio-economic issues, cases, merger and acquisitions, economic affairs, national and international major events.
  • General science
  • Art & Culture- Popular artists, traditional dances of states, customs
  • Committees formed by RBI and government
  • History- Indian freedom struggle, freedom fighters, and books written by them, major achievements in socio-economic front post-independence, etc.
  • Government schemes
  • Recent awards and honors- Nobel Prize winners of 2017, award-winning books and authors
  • Important bills passed by government- GST, RERA, maternity bill, etc.

TISSNET 2018 GK Online Material & Books

In this contemporary world, Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia are our best teachers. Some useful online resources for TISSNET 2018 GK section are: Aspirants should use all the available internet sources to look up present events for the GK section.

  • Affairscloud: It has voluminous content on the day to day events which if studied thoroughly can help do well in TISSNET GK section.
  • CareerAnna: Participants can try the extensive GK course provided by CareerAnna. It offers notes, modules and even mock tests to prepare for TISSNET.
  • Call 4 Trick: This is a YouTube channel which showcases free tricks to remember topics of static GK like national parks dams, etc.
  • In shorts: Students can install this on-the-go application which will not only save time but will also keep them updated across all genres.
  • gkplanet.in: This website has information and articles on conventional GK topics.

TISSNET 2018 GK Books

  • Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Wiley’s exam expert GK and issues of social concern- IRMA and TISSNET
  • Competition success review
  • Manorama Year Book

TISSNET 2017 GK paper Analysis

The GK section in TISSNET 2017 was the toughest of the three sections and was the deciding factor for many test-takers. The questions on present affairs were of easy to moderate level of difficulty, while the static questions were more on the difficult side. It was challenging mainly because a large number of questions were from areas like Economics, Science, Art, and Culture, etc.

Some questions that were asked in TISSNET 2017 GK section are given below. This can give personals a fair idea about what to expect in TISSNET 2018.

Q. - Mission on Mars (M.O.M) What is the official name of Mangalyaan?

Q. - Raigarh, Chattisgarh. India's first transgender mayor was elected from which city?

Q. The Madhubani painting has originated from which state? – Bihar

Q. Bhagirathi River on the banks of which Battle of Plassey was fought?

Q. Services The contribution of which sector of India’s GDP has increased the most over the past few years?

Q. Who is the author of ‘Poverty and British rule in India’? – Dada Bhai Nawroji

Q. Which computer language is used for AI? – Prolog

Q. Indus water treaty was signed between Jawaharlal Nehru and? – Ayub Khan

Q. Who is Atal Pension Yojana meant for? – Old persons in unconducted sector

Q. What is ESI meant for? – Health Insurance and social security

We hope this article was helpful in preparing for TISS GK. TISSNET 2018 is scheduled on January 6. It holds a lot of weight in the exam and must be exercised well. Good luck with the exam!

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