TANCET (Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test) Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability 2018

Last Updated - April 05 2018

For TANCET MBA Examination, Verbal Ability plays a major role as there are about 50 marks out of 100 from the English language itself. This section tests an aspirant’s vocabulary and commands over the English language. The grammar questions will be of basic level, but it will be a wrong assumption to ignore this section as most of the marks can be scored from this section alone.

Important Topics in TANCET Verbal Ability 2018

TANCET MBA question paper consists of four sections of 100 questions in total. TANCET syllabus for both MBA as well as MCA for English language section will contain the questions from the following topics:

Important Topic
AntonymsPhrasal Verbs
One word SubstitutionsReading Comprehension
Idioms & PhrasesCloze Test
Basic Grammar-

Preparation Tips for the English Topics

Basic Grammar

Grammar forms the base of this examination and an aspirant should be good in basic grammar such as Articles, Parts of Speech, Tense, etc. An aspirant required to read the basic grammar books and can also learn the rules of grammar online by practising more.

Improve Vocabulary

It is advisable to work on improving the vocabulary while preparing for the TANCET MBA Verbal Ability examination section. Along with that know where to use that word so that you can relate the word and its meaning in the sentence. The question paper will contain more questions concerned with English language and vocabulary. Try to learn a new word every day, read more magazines and newspaper to increase your word list and also know their meanings.

Synonyms and Antonyms

There are a few questions where suitable synonyms or antonyms required to be chosen. If an aspirant does more exercise in improving the vocabulary, those words will be familiar to him/her. Along with learning new words, look for their synonyms (same meaning word) and antonyms (opposite meaning) as well.

One word Substitutions

A sentence will be offered and aspirants required to find the appropriate one word for that. Go via earlier years’ question papers to get a fairly good idea on how those questions will be in the exam. Apart from that, there are many guide books available in the market and also online which an aspirant can refer to master this section.

Idioms and Phrases

Make a list of all the idioms and phrases that you encounter in earlier years’ papers or reference books and try to get the meaning and context of those. As the usage of an idiom is situation-based, if you understand the context, it will be easier to remember them and the usage as well. Try to visualize the scenarios so that you can relate the usage of the idiom to its scene.

Spotting Mistakes

A sentence will be offered to contain mistakes in the form of tense, parts of speech, principles, infinitives, use of the article, etc.. You required have a good knowledge of grammatical rules to ace these question. You required determining the type of mistake in the sentence and accurate that sentence as per applied grammatical rule. Read the sentence cautiously before responding, exercise mock tests and as many earlier years’ question papers as possible.

Cloze Test

A passage or a paragraph will be offered where some words will be missing. Also, try to link the sentences if the passage is lengthy. Aspirants should read the passage thoroughly to understand the theme and context. Once it is complete, the choice of word to fill in that blank section becomes easier. It requires understanding the meaning and flow of the sentence to clarify the word. There will be some connections of the first sentence with the second one, which once identified, will be easier to clear.

Reading Comprehension

A passage will be offered for about 900 words and questions will be asked based on that. Try not to spend a lot of time-solving this section. Also while reading the passage, mark or write down the important sentences of that passage so that you get the tone of the passage which will help you response the questions suitably. Keep this at the end because you might end spending a lot of time in reading the passage and responses, which will lead to less time in solving the other questions in the section.

Last minute examination tips

  • Avoid last-minute learning of any new words as it might create confusion.
  • The only response the questions where you are sure because negative marks will be offered in case of any inaccurate response.
  • Read earlier years’ passage and other Verbal Ability Questions and try to solve them to gain more confidence.
  • Attempt as many mock tests as possible as it will help eliminate the weaknesses and offer confidence to aspirants.

Reference Books for Verbal Ability and English Preparation 2018

Book NameAuthor
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT and other MBA Entrance Examinations (with CD) (Paperback)T.I.M.E
Verbal AbilityArun Sharma
English Language Student BookAlison Ross
30 Days to a More Powerful VocabularyNorman Lewis and Wilfred Funk.
The Technique of Comprehension & Precis WritingUpkar
High School English Grammar and CompositionH. Martin, P.C. Wren
English Grammar & CompositionS.C. Gupta.
Descriptive General EnglishLanguage Comprehension Communication Skills & WritingS.P. Bakshi
New Format Tests of Objective English (NPTOE)Dr. R. N. Singh

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