NIMCET Exam Pattern 2018

Last Updated - February 15 2018

NIMCET Exam Pattern 2018

NIMCET 2018 Exam Format details such as syllabus, marking scheme, sections and marks distribution will be decided by NIT organizing the examination for the year 2018.

  • The type of question paper is objective in which aspirants have to select the accurate option from the given choices. 
  • The exam is organizeed for 2 and a half hour in which aspirant have to attempt 120 questions.
  • The question papers check the basic understanding of the specific subject of the aspirants.
  • The questions are based on mathematics, computer awareness, general English and logical reasoning and ability.
  • It is an organizeed in pen and paper method i.e. offline mode.
  • Every accurate response will be honoured 4 marks and wrong response leads to the deduction of 1 mark.
  • There is no deduction of marks for unattempted questions.

NIMCET 2018 is conducted by the National Institute of Technology (NIT). NIMCET 2018 Exam is scheduled for the last week of May 2018. It is a national level entrance exam organizeed for the candidate wants admission in MCA courses at various NIT’s.

Exam Format Highlights Table of NIMCET 2018

Given below are the important highlights of exam format of NIMCET 2018. The question paper will be organizeed in the English language in pen and paper method only.

Exam ModePen and paper-based method (Offline)
Number of papers 1
Number of questions 120 questions
Number of sectionsFour
Question Paper Type Multiple Choice Questions
NIMCET Total marks480
Exam duration2 and half hour
Exam language English
Marking Scheme4 marks per question
Negative Marking1 mark

Exam Format in Detail of NIMCET 2018

NIMCET is organizeed in offline method i.e. pen and paper mode. The type question paper is objective type. The question paper will only available in the English language. There is also a negative marking of 1/4th i.e. every wrong response result in the deduction of 1 mark. There are a total number of 120 questions to be done in 2 and half hour. Every accurate response leads to the increase of 4 marks.

The question paper will consist of questions based on mathematics, computer awareness, general English, analytical ability and logical reasoning. The section of mathematics contains the highest number of questions whereas computer awareness contains the lowest.

 Given below is the subject wise number of questions come and total marks in the question paper:

SubjectsNumber of QuestionsNumber of Marks
Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning40160
Computer Awareness1040
General English2080

Exam Format for Mathematics of NIMCET 2018

The section of mathematics examines the basic mathematical understanding of the aspirants in the exam. This section contains 50 number of questions carrying 200 marks. This is the most important section having the highest number of questions and marks.

Exam Format for General English of NIMCET 2018

The section of general English checks the basic understanding of language and grammar of the aspirants via exam. There are 20 questions from this section carrying 80 marks.

Exam Format for Analytical Ability and Logical Reasoning  of NIMCET 2018 

The section of General Ability and Reasoning examines the thinking skills, non-verbal skills and logical analytics of the aspirants in the exam. The section contains 20 questions carrying 80 marks.

Exam Pattern for Computer Awareness of NIMCET 2018

This section checks the basic understanding of computer awareness in the exam. The lowest number of question comes from this section i.e. 10 carrying 40 marks. This section is comparatively easy then the other sections.

Marking Scheme of NIMCET 2018

The NIMCET question paper is of 480 marks. Each question carries equal marks in the question paper. There is one-fourth negative marking in the question paper. There is no deduction of marks for an attempt question. The aspirants will be honoured 4 marks for every accurate response. For every wrong response, there is a deduction of 1 mark.

Given below is the marking scheme of NIMCET 2018:

Every single accurate response will get4 marks
Every single wrong response result in deduction of1 mark

Syllabus of NIMCET 2018

Given below is the syllabus for NIMCET 2018 Exam subject wise. Aspirants must have a better understanding of the syllabus to score well in the exam.

Mathematics Syllabus 

The syllabus of mathematics is larger than the syllabus of another subject. Mathematics is an important subject which contains the highest number of questions and marks.

Topic NameSubtopics
Set TheoryConcept of sets – Union, Intersection, Cardinality, Elementary counting; permutations and combinations. 
Probability and StatisticsBasic concepts of probability theory, Averages, Dependent and independent events, frequency distributions, measures of central tendencies and dispersions. 
AlgebraFundamental operations in algebra, expansions, factorization, simultaneous linear/quadratic equations, indices, logarithms, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic improvmentsions, determinants and matrices. 
Coordinate GeometryRectangular Cartesian coordinates, distance formulae, the equation of a line, and the intersection of lines, pair of directly lines, equations of a circle, parabola, ellipse, and hyperbola. 
CalculusLimit of functions, continuous function, differentiation of function, tangents and normal, simple examples of maxima and minima. Integration of functions by parts, by substitution and by partial fraction, definite integrals, applications of definite integrals to areas. 
Vectors Position vector, addition and subtraction of vectors, scalar and vector products and their applications to simple geometrical problems and mechanics. 
TrigonometrySimple identities, trigonometric equations properties of triangles, a solution of triangles, heights and distances, general solutions of trigonometric equations.

Computer Awareness Syllabus 

Given below is the syllabus of Computer Awareness aspirants should check for the better understanding of the subject.

TopicsSub topics
Computer BasicsOrganization of a computer, Central Procedures Unit (CPU), the structure of instructions in CPU, input/output devices, computer memory, and backup devices. 
Data RepresentationRepresentation of characters, integers and fractions, binary and hexadecimal representations, and binary arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple arithmetic and two’s complement arithmetic, floating point representation of numbers, Boolean algebra, truth tables, Venn diagrams.

General English Syllabus

Given below are the names of topics from which usually the questions come from. Aspirants should follow the topics given below to get the ample knowledge of the exam.

Basic English Grammar (verbs, prepositions and articles)Word power
Synonyms and AntonymsMeanings of words and phrases
Technical writing-

Logical Ability and Reasoning Syllabus 

In the section of reasoning the questions are based on:

Logical situationFacts given in passage

Advisable Books for NIMCET 2018

Books play an important role in the life of students. It is necessary to study the good books for the exam which does not contain any error. Given below are some of the important advisable for the aspirants preparing for NIMCET 2018

Mathematics Advisable Books

Book NameAuthor
 Arihant MCA Entrance Test Amit M. Agarwal
Arithmetic for Competitive ExaminationsJain & Sharma
Quantitative AptitudeRita Mishra

Logical Ability and Reasoning Advisable Books

Book NameAuthor
 All about Reasoning (Verbal) Anjani A Gupta
Logical and Analytical ReasoningA. K. Gupta
Non-Verbal ReasoningB. S. Sijwali & Indu Sijwali

General English Advisable Books

Book NameAuthor
 General English Abul Hashem
Test of English LanguageRPH Editorial Board
Advance General EnglishH. S. Bhatia

Computer Awareness Advisable Books

Book NameAuthor
 Objective Computer Awareness Ramesh

Important Instructions for NIMCET 2018

Given below are the important instruction for NIMCET 2018 aspirants should read to avoid unknown error:

  • No extra rough sheet is allowed in the examination hall. The margin will be given to do rough work in the test booklet.
  • The response should be marked properly by darkening the circle in the OMR sheet.
  • Do not open the test booklet without permission
  • It is mandatory to bring hall ticket, without the hall ticket entry would be debarred.
  • Aspirant should access the exam centre 1 hour prior than the commencement of exam
  • Failure to follow instruction written in the examination will lead to disqualification. 
  • No electronic item is allowed in the examination hall which is considered as the subject of cheating.
  • It is not allowed to clarify doubts on any item in test booklet from the examiner.
  • Fill the need details on the response sheet. The result may not be evaluated if the details are not entered or entered correctly.

An optical answer sheet is very helpful in evaluating the result faster than any other mode. Given below are the uses of ORS.

  • It is necessary to use black/ blue ball point pen for shading the bubbles
  • ORS is a machine-readable sheet which helps in faster evaluation of response sheet.
  • Aspirants required to darken the suitable bubble.

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