MH CET-COMMON ENTRANCE TEST Law 2018 - Signature and Photo Size, Format and Other Details

Last Updated - January 11 2018

The Directorate of Higher Education, Maharashtra will open the registration window for MH CET Law 2018 from March 2018. While filling in the application form, aspirants need to scan and upload photograph and signature as per the defined guidelines. Failing to follow it, will result in rejection of application form.

MH CET Law 2018 is scheduled for April 22 (5 year LLB Program) and June 17 (3 year LLB Program). The last date to register is May 1 (tentative). Once the application is finally submitted, there is no provision of form correction. Check Guidelines to attach Photograph and Signature  Hence, it is important to fill and upload all the details and documents with utmost care

MH CET Law 2018 Photo Size and Specifications

The photograph that obligatory to be upload should be of passport size. The specifications for the same are listed below:

  • Look directly at the camera with a relaxed face.
  • If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be completely seen.
  • Photograph wearing Caps, Hats, and Dark Glasses are not acceptable.
  • Photograph must be recent, passport size, and color picture
  • Photographs taken wearing Caps, Hats, and Dark Glasses are not acceptable.
  • If you have to use flash, ensure there's no "red-eye".
  • Picture taken on a sunny day, have the sun behind you or place yourself in the shade so that you are not squinting and there are no harsh shadows.
  • Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face. Your face should be completely visible.
  • The background of the image should be preferably white or against any light-colored background.

Read more Guidelines for Persons with Disabilities using a Scribe 

MH CET Photo Size/ Dimension - 200 x 230 pixels

File Size - between 20kb - 50kb

Photo Pattern – JPEG or JPG

How to Adjust Photo Size?
If the scanned image size is more than 50KB, then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, No. of colors etc. at the time of scanning.
Note - Aspirants are advised to keep one copy of the photograph uploaded to be pasted on the Admit Card. The Uploaded photo image and photo posted on the Admit Card/ should match. In case of mismatch of Photo, the participant may be disqualified.

Signature and Specifications MHCET LAW

  • Signature on the Admit Card and Attendance Sheet should match with the uploaded signature.
  • For signature, students have to sign on white paper with Black Ink Pen
  • In case of any mismatch, it will result in the cancelation of candidature.
  • The signature must be signed by the participant only.

MHCET Signature Size/ Dimension: 140 X 60 pixels

File Size: between 10 kb – 20 kb

Signature Pattern: JPEG or JPG

How to Resize Signature and Photo Image?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get the image as per the need specifications. Following are the different modes with the help of which students can resize their photo and signature image:

Resize photo using MS Paint

  • Uncheck “Maintain Aspect Ratio” and readjust the pixels as instructed
  • After clicking on the button, check image properties for image size.
  • Open image in MS Paint
  • In the toolbar, go to resize option
  • Click Ok button

Resize Photo using Windows Photo Library

  • Click Resize and Save button
  • Now students can check the image dimension by clicking on the properties option
  • Further, click Custom option from the list
  • Enter the dimensions
  • From Properties menu click on Edit button
  • Click on Resize and set Preset option
  • Open the photo in Windows Photo Library

Resize Photo Using Photoshop

  • Uncheck the box Constraint Properties
  • Type the dimension in Width and Height box
  • Click on Ok button
  • Open the image to be resized
  • Click on the Image drop-down menu and select Image Size

Guidelines to attach Photograph and Signature

In order to avoid any mistake while filling the application form, students must keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Students need to set the scanner resolution to an at least of 200 dots per inch (dpi) and the color setting must be True color.
  • If the scanned image of photograph and signature does not meet the requirement then it could only be changed during the form correction or before the form submission.
  • The signature must be done with black ink only. Using any other ink is totally avoidable
  • The passport size photo must be taken using the professional camera. Photograph clicked using smart-phone will not be accepted under any circumstance even if the background is White.
  • An application form is incomplete without Photograph and Signature uploaded in the online application form.
  • Application form once submitted cannot be changed in any circumstances and once an application fee is paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
  • The signature must be done only on white paper because any other background may lead to rejection.

Guidelines for Persons with Disabilities using a Scribe

The facility to avail the help of scribe is available to the following category –

  1. Visually Impaired (including Blind and with Low Vision)
  2. Writing speed adversely affected permanently (Dominant hand affected due to Physical Disability)
  3. Suffering from Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia

There are certain important points to be considered, they are as follows:

  • Scribe arranged should not be the one from the same examination.
  • Both aspirant and the scribe have to give the appropriate undertaking in the enclosed Proforma confirming that the scribe fulfills all the stipulated eligibility criteria.
  • PwD aspirants want scribe to have to fill form enclosed at the end of Information Brochure, affix the photo of the scribe and enclose the self-attested certificate from Civil Surgeon/Competent Medical Authority empowered to certify, a certificate of the disability to be more than 40% and above.
  • A compensatory time of 20 minutes for every hour will be offered to the aspirants taking help of a scribe.
  • The same scribe cannot help another aspirant appearing for MH CET Law exam.
  • The aspirant has to arrange their own scribe at their own cost.

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