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Last Updated - March 22 2018

GATE Syllabus is set by the organizing authority of the examination. There are 23 papers in GATE exam. Participants are advised to go via the clear syllabus, before start preparation for the exam.  GATE 2018 is held by Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. The syllabus of each paper is different.

  • Aspirants have to use GATE virtual Calculator for calculations. No physical calculator is allowed in Examination Center.
  • Students need to attempt all the questions in the period of three hours. 
  • GATE Mechanical Engineering question paper consists of total 65 questions worth 100 marks.
  • Check out the new changes introduced by IIT Guwahati in GATE 2018.
  • The Mechanical Engineering paper held on February 03, 2018.
  • GATE 2018 is scheduled for February 03, 04, 10 and 11, 2018 in multiple sessions.
  • GATE Syllabus is based on the topics studied at graduation level.

Via GATE mechanical engineering exam aspirant will be able to take admission in Mechanical Engineering Post Graduate courses. Also, they can get jobs in different PSUs based on GATE score.

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level test organizeed for admission to and Ph.D. courses. The exam is held in online method (Computer Based Test) in multiple shifts. 

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus of GATE 2018

GATE paper is divided into three sections i.e. General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and the Qualifying Degree i.e. Mechanical Engineering section. There is a section for Numerical Response Type (NAT) also where the aspirant has to enter numerical values using the virtual keyboard.

Numerical Response Type section and Engineering Mathematics section are comprised to test aspirant’s ability to understand and solve complex engineering mathematical problems and their applications.

Syllabus of Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics syllabus is structured to test student’s mathematical concept and his/her ability to solve mathematical problems.

Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Complex Variables
Numerical Methods

Applied Mechanics and Design

Applied Mechanics and Design syllabus comprise the concept of mechanics and its application to complex situation and problems. 

Engineering Mechanics
Theory of Machines
Mechanics of Materials
Machine Design

Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Science

Heat Transfer
Fluid Mechanics

Material, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Engineering Materials
Metrology and Inspection
Casting, Forming and Joining Procedures
Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Important Topics

Here we are giving the list of important topics that must be considered by the aspirants and it will help them to plan out their Preparation strategy.

TopicsExcepted No. of questionsExpected Marks
Engineering Mechanics46
Mechanics of Material711
Machine Design23
Theory of Machines58
Heat Transfer47
Fluid Mechanics69
Manufacturing Engineering811
Industrial Engineering24
General Aptitude1015

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Best Coaching Centres for GATE 2018

It is good to join a coaching centre for the preparation of GATE it will definitely help to attain good marks in the examination and aspirants will get a proper guidance by the experienced and trained teachers and they will be able to save their precious time from wastage.

Here is a list of top ranking coaching centre across the country.

Coaching InstituteCityRatings
ACE Engineering AcademyBangalore4 Stars
Trump and GatesNew Delhi4.1 Stars
GATE ForumChennai4.2 Stars
Vani Institute of Engineering & TechnologyChennai4.6 Stars
IMS GuwahatiGuwahati4.9 Stars
New Cambridge CollegeChandigarh4.9 Stars
Let’s Talk AcademyJaipur5 Stars

GATE Books for ME paper 2018

Here is the list of important books for preparation of mechanical engineering paper. 

Books NameAuthor Name
Strength Of Materials SS Rattan
Theory Of MachinesRS Khurmi
Mechanical VibrationGK Grover
Design Of Machine ElementsVB Bhandari
Fluid Mechanics RK Bansal
Engineering ThermodynamicsCengel & Boles
Internal Combustion EngineV Ganesan

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Internet Resources for GATE 2018

These days there are many websites available online that offers online tutorials and web study material for the preparation of GATE. To name a few NPTEL is among the top-ranked website that provides courses for GATE Preparation. These websites have lectures organizeed by the highly experienced and trained professors from the most reputed institutes in the country.

Notes and Sample Papers

Many coaching institutes offer hand-made study material for the preparation of GATE and these hand-made study materials are available in both online and offline mode. Aspirants may get these handy notes from the coaching centres by joining them or may even get it online also.

Many websites offer hand-made study material online in the pdf form for free. Aspirants have to visit the sites and download the notes of their respective degree courses and use it for preparation.

Aspirants can also download earlier year papers and sample papers from the official website.

Download Mechanical Engineering GATE sample Paper

Preparation Schedule for GATE 2018

GATE is all about time management as the period of the examination is less compared to the number of questions to be attempted. It is very important for the aspirants to prepare a schedule so that they can cover every topic on time with any delay or confusion. Here we are providing a proper preparation schedule for GATE 2018 to help the aspirants with their preparation scheme.

Engineering Mechanics (3 days)

This section holds 6-7 marks of the paper hence aspirants are advised to give their time on the following topics:

  • Equilibrium and Truss
  • Resolving Forces
  • Law of restitution
  • Equilibrium
  • Work and Energy
  • Structural Analysis

Mechanics of Material (5 days)

This section includes 6-7 marks and questions are mostly from these topics SF & BM, Deflections, Stress and strain, Concepts, Bending stress, General Theories of Failure and Mohr's Circle.

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Machine Design (2 days)

Machine Design holds 5-6 marks in total and the important topics that must be considered while preparing this subject are Failure Theories, Design of gears and bearings, Joints, Fatigue Strength and the S-N Diagram.

Theory of Machines (9 days)

This section accounts for 10-12 marks in total and cover topics such as Flywheel, Linkages, Gear train,  Inversions of single and double slider crank, Free damped vibrations, Linear Vibration Analysis of Mechanical systems, D.O.F. of Mechanisms and Finding Natural Frequencies (Underdamped, Critically Damped, Over damped).

Heat Transfer (2 days)

This section accounts for 4-5 marks and questions are generally from topics such as Shape factor in radiation Organization, Critical thickness, Problem in Heat exchangers like NTU and numbers in convection like Pr No, Gr No, Re No, etc.

Fluid Mechanics (12 days)

This section holds 12-13 marks of the question paper and has questions from these topics: Pump Parameters, Bernoulli’s Law, Simple & Differential Piezometer, Velocity potential, Reynolds’s no. Calculation, Hydraulic Power, Nozzle Velocity of Turbines, Flow via Pipes and Boundary layer theory.

Manufacturing Engineering (13 days)

This section is the most time-consuming and holds 11-14 marks of the total marks. Questions are basically from the topics such as Orthogonal cutting, Casting types and design of castings, Riser and Gate design of casting,  Tool life equation, Resistance welding and Problems on welding.

Industrial Engineering (10 days)

Industrial Engineering section of the paper accounts for 9-10 marks and have questions mostly from the topics such as EOQ problems,  CPM, PERT, Queuing theory, Work Study And Measurement, Scheduling And Johnson's Rule Time Study, Inventory control, and Poisson’s Arrivals & Departures.

Thermodynamics (9 days)

Thermodynamics consist of 12-15 marks and therefore it is essential to prepare this section very strongly to score high in the examination. The important topics of this section are Otto, Dual cycle, Laws of Thermodynamics, Turbines, Problems on Diesel, Detonation and Knocking, Turbomachinery, Entropy and Properties Of Pure Substances.

Mathematics (13 days)

This section of the paper contains the maximum number of questions and holds maximum marks hence it is necessary to give more time and attention to this section.

General Aptitude (13 days)

General Aptitude section of the paper consist 10 questions of 15 marks and are easy to score and attempt if exercised properly.


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IIT GATE ME (Mechanical Engineering) Cut off

Check the expected cut off of IITs for mechanical engineering from the table given below: 

IIT Roorkee1736 (Closing Rank)
IIT Kharagpur840 GATE Score
IIT Bombay600 GATE Score
IIT Gandhinagar400 GATE Score
IIT Madras798 GATE Score

PSU Hiring via GATE 2018

Here is the list of PSUs which hires the Mechanical Engineer graduate via GATE 2017 score:

 PSUCTC Provideed
BPCL INR 24900 – 50500/- per month
MDLINR 5.98-14.77 lakh per annum
IOCLINR 11.25 lakhs per annum
GAILINR 24900 -50500/- per month
BHELINR 20600- 46500/- per month
NCPILINR 15600-39100/- per month
HPCLINR 24900-50,500/-per month
NTPCINR 24900-50,500/-per month
OILINR 24900-50,500/-per month
CELINR 6.5 lakh per annum

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