LPUNEST Exam Pattern 2018

Last Updated - February 13 2018

LPUNEST exam is usually organized in 1st week of October. LPUNEST 2018 Exam Format and Question Paper is various for each course.

  • LPUNEST 2018 Exam Format is organized into 4 sections viz. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology and English.
  • The format is designed to test aspirant's’ aptitude and test their knowledge of the standards of the chosen course.
  • Total marks allotted for LPUNEST 2018 is expected to be 520 with the period of 150 minutes.
  • Each section holds 33% weight (110 questions) of the total paper.
  • The questions are asked in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) patterns without any negative marking and aspirants gain marks for each accurate answer.
  • The questions asked in the entrance of LPUNEST is of higher secondary and secondary level.

LPUNEST is one of the biggest private entrance test organized in India and the list of all the engineering entrance exam organized in India. LPUNEST is university level examination administered by LPU University for admissions in different courses provided by LPU. The is exam is organized yearly by the Directorate for the stated streams. The interested aspirants can check the details for LPUNEST Exam Format in the article.

Highlights Table of LPUNEST 2018 Exam Format

No of Sections4
Type of examMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Total time150 minutes (2 hrs. 30 min.)
Negative markingNo
Method of ExamOffline(pen paper based)
Total number of questions110
Total marks 520
Marking SchemeFour marks will be given for accurate response
No negative marking

LPUNEST Exam Format 2018 in Detail

As mentioned previous, LPUNEST 2018 Exam Format is designed to test aspirants’ ability to solve complex questions in minimal time possible. LPU believes in upholding aspirants’ confidence and thus there is no negative marking in the exam. Each accurate answer adds marks to your final score.

LPUNEST 2018 Exam Format for Physics

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Hard
  • Most Asked Topic: Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism
  • Total questions asked: 30
  • Maximum Marks: 120
  • Total time: 150 mins

LPUNEST Exam Format 2018 for Chemistry

  • Total questions asked: 30
  • Maximum Marks: 120
  • Most Asked Topic: Physical Chemistry
  • Difficulty Level: Hard (Confusing)
  • Total time: 150 mins

LPUNEST Exam Format 2018 for Biology

  • Difficulty Level: Hard (Confusing)
  • Maximum Marks: 120
  • Total time: 150 mins
  • Most Asked Topic: Biotechnology, Human Welfare
  • Total questions asked: 30

LPUNEST Exam Format 2018 for Mathematics

  • Total questions asked: 30
  • Most Asked Topic: Number System, Calculus & Trigonometry
  • Difficulty Level: Hard (Confusing)
  • Total time: 150 mins
  • Maximum Marks: 120

LPUNEST Exam Format 2018 for English

  • Most Asked Topic: Parts of speech & Vocabulary
  • Total time: 150 mins
  • Maximum Marks: 120
  • Total questions asked: 20
  • Difficulty Level: Hard (Confusing)

LPUNEST 2018 Marking Scheme

Marking Scheme in any exam is set to decide the marks allotted to each question in the examination. Marking Scheme in LPUNEST follows +4/-0 for accurate and inaccurate answers. Questions not attempted in LPUNEST exam does not get affect the total marks in the exam. Each question carries equal importance in the exam.

  • Accurate Answer: +4 marks
  • No Negative Marking

The marking scheme mentioned above is followed in each section. Aspirants scoring highest according to the marking scheme will be deemed topper of the exam. All the qualified aspirants will be sorted in a merit list based upon marks obtained in their LPUNEST 2018 exam.

Syllabus for LPUNEST 2018

The exam includes 4 subjects and the syllabus for each is as follows:

UNIT 1: MotionUNIT 1: Atomic Structure, States of Matter & ThermodynamicsUnit 1: Diversity & Structural OrganizationUNIT 1: Algebra
UNIT 2: Kinematics, Gravitation & OscillationsUNIT 2: Solutions, Chemical Kinetics & Surface ChemistryUnit 2: Plant PhysiologyUNIT 2: Matrices, Vectors & Reasoning
UNIT 3: Thermal PhysicsUNIT 3: Hydrogen & s – Block ElementUnit 3: Human PhysiologyUNIT 3: Permutation-Combinations & Binomial Theorem
UNIT 4: Electricity & MagnetismUNIT 4: p, d & f block Elements and Environmental ChemistryUnit 4: Reproduction, Genetics, and EvolutionUNIT 4: Limit, Integration & Differentiation
UNIT 5: Atomic Structure & OpticsUNIT 5: Basic Concepts of Organic ChemistryUNIT 5: Geometry
UNIT 6: Electrical & ElectronicsUNIT 6: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Polymers & BiomoleculesUNIT 6: Probability & Trigonometry

LPUNEST 2018 Preference Books

Advisable Books for LPUNEST 2018 Chemistry

SectionsBook NameAuthorISBN No.
Physical ChemistryPhysical ChemistryPeter Atkins0199543372
Inorganic ChemistryConcise Inorganic ChemistryJD Lee8126541474
Organic ChemistryOrganic ChemistryDavid Klein111801040X

Advisable Books for LPUNEST 2018 Physics

SectionsBook NameAuthorISBN No.
PhysicsConcepts of PhysicsHC Verma8177091875
Electricity & MagnetismUnderstanding PhysicsDC Pandey9351761010
QuestionsConcepts of Physics: Part 2HC Verma9351761010

Advisable Books for LPUNEST 2018 Mathematics

SectionsBook NameAuthorISBN No.
Maths XIMaths XIRD Sharma9383182350
Maths XIIMaths XIIRD Sharma9383182340
MathsMathsRS Agarwal9382543340

LPUNEST 2018 Preparation Tips

The following preparation tips might be helpful for aspirants appearing for LPUNEST:

  • Make a strategic plan for preparation, make a time-table as per daily schedule and follow it dedicatedly.
  • Do meditation & yoga it will help to increase concentration.
  • Have a basic understanding of the syllabus and try to cover every single topic in your studies.
  • Choose the best study material and also have a look at earlier year question papers and sample papers for preparations.
  • Take care of your health to prepare better for the examination.


Q1: Courses for Which LPUNEST 2018 will be carried out?
Response: This exam is conducted for B.Tech, MBA, Law, Design, Hotel Management, Agriculture, etc.

Q2: How much application fees will be charged for LPUNEST 2018?
Response: The application fee will be Rs. 700/-

Q3: How to pay the Application Fees?
Response: The fee payment can be done via debit/credit card or e-challan.

Q4: What is the method of examination of LPUNEST 2018 for B.Tech?
Response: The examination will be organized in online mode.

Q5: Which subject is mandatory for LPUNEST 2018 (B.Tech) Exam?
Response: Physics, Mathematics & English subjects are mandatory for B.Tech.

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