JEE Main Cut Off 2018 for IIITs

Last Updated - March 09 2018

JEE Main Cut Off for IIITs is determined on the basis of the All India Ranks (AIR) and JEE Main Result. For 23 IIITs the cut off is announced separately for each category as per the programs provided by each of the participating institutes. Those who qualify JEE Main Cut Off will have to register for JoSAA Counseling

JEE Main Cut Off 2018 for IIITs can be determined on the basis of earlier years’ cut off. In this article, the cutoff in the form of opening and closing ranks of IIITs are listed for the reference of the participants for both 2017 and 2016. To check JEE Main 2016 Cut Off for IIITs click here.

JEE Main Cut Off 2017 for IIITs

JEE Main 2017 Cut Off for IIITs is mentioned below with Opening and Closing Ranks for General Category aspirants. Round 1 cut off for each program available at all the IIITs has been tabulated below:

Name of the InstituteCourseOpening RankClosing Rank
IIIT NagpurComputer Science Engineering11,65718,639
Electronics and Communication Engineering1442021798
IIIT PuneComputer Science Engineering509215066
Electronics and Communication Engineering1486718368
IIIT RanchiComputer Science Engineering976421613
Electronics and Communication Engineering1975724378
IIIT KotaComputer Science Engineering706315506
Electronics and Communication Engineering1544619846
IIITDM KurnoolComputer Engineering255020063
Electronics and Communication Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing1400123132
Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing1910624854
IIIT GuwahatiComputer Science and Engineering651415351
Electronics and Communication Engineering193519043
IIIT LucknowInformation Technology1144516929
IIIT ManipurComputer Science and Engineering1950924812
Electronics and Communication Engineering2530627585
IIIT TiruchirappalliComputer Science and Engineering781813768
Electronics and Communication Engineering1410218686
IIIT DharwadComputer Science and Engineering1037319300
Electronics and Communication Engineering1623622511
IIIT KalyaniComputer Science and Engineering1369622151
IIIT SonepatComputer Science and Engineering1024016671
Electronics and Communication Engineering1377120633
Information Technology716520196
IIIT KottayamComputer Science and Engineering1548721411
IIIT UNAComputer Science and Engineering1456620039
Electronics and Communication Engineering1995523714
Information Technology1959622990
IIIT ChittoorComputer Science and Engineering932117175
Electronics and Communication Engineering428819673
IIIT VadodraComputer Science and Engineering719816412
Information Technology1259119524
IIIT AllahabadElectronics and Communication Engineering47567981
Information Technology5194255
IIIT KancheepuramComputer Engineering759411298
Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Design and Manufacturing1316418138
Smart Manufacturing1850322438
Pt. Dwarka Prasad Mishra IIITDM JabalpurComputer Science and Engineering800912847
Electronics and Communication Engineering1158716800
Mechanical Engineering1468819970
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management GwaliorComputer Science and Engineering 69089332
Indian Institute of Information Technology BhopalComputer Science and Engineering 1314019086
Electronics and Communication Engineering 1432423255
Information Technology935322872
IIIT SuratComputer Science and Engineering 686018453
Electronics and Communication Engineering1071422900

JEE Main Cut Off 2016 for IIITs

JEE Main 2016 Cutoff for Top IIITs are listed in the table below for the reference of the participants. Here, we are providing the opening and closing rank for each some of the top IIITs in the table below:

InstituteCourseOpening RankClosing Rank
IIIT NagpurB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering973522699
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering2148928641
IIIT PuneB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering798223670
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering1680828620
IIIT RanchiB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering2205129117
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering2682531575
IIIT KotaB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1232920828
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering2023527240
IIITDM KurnoolB.Tech Computer Engineering1662028560
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering - Design and Manufacturing2673030485
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering- Design and Manufacturing2749733862
IIIT GuwahatiB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1239921564
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering2203827928
IIIT LucknowB.Tech Information Technology1393523216
IIIT ManipurB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering3291136738
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering3590840661
IIIT TiruchirappalliB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering979221144
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering1310625229
IIIT DharwadB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1696127653
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering2672029996
IIIT KalyaniB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1483129433
B.Tech Information Technology2943932430
IIIT SonepatB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1107922651
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering1992128667
B.Tech Information Technology2309026431
IIIT KottayamB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1699929215
IIIT UnaB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1484926260
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering2758830886
IIIT ChittoorB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering657621653
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering1579426276
IIIT VadodaraB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering1268523662
B.Tech Information Technology1131527270
IIIT AllahabadB.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering417410410
B.Tech Information Technology11435375
IIITDM KancheepuramB.Tech Computer Engineering655113827
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering - Design and Manufacturing553118079
B.Tech Mechanical – Smart Manufacturing1557127298
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering- Design and Manufacturing967423189
Pt. Dwarka Prasad Mishra IIITDM JabalpurB.Tech Computer Science and Engineering976316901
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering1711121690
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering1729125501

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