JEE Main 2018 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal

Last Updated - March 05 2018

NIT Bhopal is also known as MANIT (Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology). Admission into B.Tech and B.Arch courses in NIT Bhopal is done on the basis of JEE Main cut off score as decided by CBSE. JoSAA Counseling is then organized for admission into different institutes based on opening and closing ranks as decided by the respective institute. JEE Main Result can be checked at

JEE Main Cut off 2018 will vary from Home State and Other State Quota for NITs. Aspirants having domicile of Madhya Pradesh will have an advantage of applying under Home State Quota.

NIT Bhopal will provide admission in Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Planning and B.Tech specializations that comprise Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Metallurgical & Materials Engineering.

Check the tables below to ascertain chances of getting admission in NIT Bhopal via JEE Main 2018 based on earlier year trends.

JEE Main 2017 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal (Round 1)

The tables below depict the opening and closing rank for admission into different specializations in NIT Bhopal.

JEE Main 2017 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - General Category 

QuotaDisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
HSChemical Engineering1398716546
HSCivil Engineering607115793
HSComputer Science and Engineering34806635
HSElectrical Engineering738212628
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering709510488
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering1662620066
HSMechanical Engineering804413077
OSChemical Engineering1046915422
OSCivil Engineering1165314373
OSComputer Science and Engineering43295658
OSElectrical Engineering83039780
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering58748751
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering1620519577
OSMechanical Engineering921210598

JEE Main 2017 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - OBC Category

QuotaDisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
HSChemical Engineering58257380
HSCivil Engineering45846783
HSComputer Science and Engineering21743542
HSElectrical Engineering43625520
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering39234875
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering48148611
HSMechanical Engineering32245681
OSChemical Engineering39585946
OSCivil Engineering42644914
OSComputer Science and Engineering18842436
OSElectrical Engineering34974121
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering27953799
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering60747337
OSMechanical Engineering30424222

JEE Main 2017 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - SC Category

QuotaDisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
HSChemical Engineering29604325
HSCivil Engineering16213207
HSComputer Science and Engineering5241858
HSElectrical Engineering21163696
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering27283641
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering44555518
HSMechanical Engineering18213801
OSChemical Engineering24442918
OSCivil Engineering22022511
OSComputer Science and Engineering1151441
OSElectrical Engineering15592271
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering20092399
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering34994336
OSMechanical Engineering8692490

JEE Main 2017 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - ST Category

QuotaDisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
HSChemical Engineering20412299
HSCivil Engineering609855
HSComputer Science and Engineering4801377
HSElectrical Engineering4351313
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering10971938
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering26323066
HSMechanical Engineering10331931
OSChemical Engineering10521367
OSCivil Engineering505697
OSComputer Science and Engineering731986
OSElectrical Engineering770839
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering9921307
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering19232069
OSMechanical Engineering7041029

JEE Main 2016 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal (Round 1)

The opening and closing ranks for Computer Science and Engineering (General Category) was 2083 and 4289 respectively. Aspirants can check the detailed, category wise NIT Bhopal JEE Main Cut Off 2016 below.

JEE Main 2016 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - General Category

DisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
Bachelor of Planning9122499
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering28034289
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering44396819
B.Tech Electrical Engineering54508668
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering63359234
B.Tech Civil Engineering847412746
B.Tech Chemical Engineering1109615187
B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering1492119836

JEE Main 2016 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - OBC Category

DisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
Bachelor of Planning629913
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering11221580
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering15792338
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering21873123
B.Tech Electrical Engineering26433262
B.Tech Civil Engineering36784012
B.Tech Chemical Engineering37514951
B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering52747019

JEE Main 2016 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - SC Category 

DisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
Bachelor of Planning93404
B.Tech Civil Engineering3371778
B.Tech Electrical Engineering5601759
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering6491117
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering9151622
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering13441820
B.Tech Chemical Engineering18272164
B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering32713704

JEE Main 2016 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - ST Category  

DisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
Bachelor of Planning120122
B.Tech Electrical Engineering265534
B.Tech Civil Engineering400498
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering466647
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering620746
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering710877
B.Tech Chemical Engineering11021205
B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering12741819

JEE Main 2016 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - General PWD Category 

DisciplineOpening RankClosing Rank
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering195195
B.Tech Civil Engineering205205
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering215215
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering265265
B.Tech Electrical Engineering293293
B.Tech Chemical Engineering348348

JEE Main 2015 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal (Round 1)

Following is a tabular representation of opening and closing ranks for Home State and Open State Quota for NIT Bhopal.

JEE Main 2015 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - General Category

QuotaDiscipline nameOPOOPC
HSChemical Engineering1524718455
OSChemical Engineering747413306
HSCivil Engineering1502318198
OSCivil Engineering906411221
HSComputer Science and Engineering34029896
OSComputer Science and Engineering22845212
HSElectrical Engineering1004815643
OSElectrical Engineering70478805
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering658713324
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering51706863
HSMechanical Engineering591414799
OSMechanical Engineering57568678
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering1609822120
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering1423618858

JEE Main 2015 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal- OBC Category

QuotaDiscipline nameBCOBCC
HSChemical Engineering70668158
OSChemical Engineering44134776
HSCivil Engineering46197298
OSCivil Engineering30683564
HSComputer Science and Engineering18344071
OSComputer Science and Engineering8982004
HSElectrical Engineering42996766
OSElectrical Engineering25113041
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering40187162
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering17922545
HSMechanical Engineering31325300
OSMechanical Engineering17572880
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering76958851
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering59657149

JEE Main 2015 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - SC Category

QuotaDiscipline nameSCOSCC
HSChemical Engineering31073616
OSChemical Engineering20942386
HSCivil Engineering23243240
OSCivil Engineering13481709
HSComputer Science and Engineering3672133
OSComputer Science and Engineering4501487
HSElectrical Engineering12862997
OSElectrical Engineering12591522
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering21583458
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering9941917
HSMechanical Engineering8302719
OSMechanical Engineering11971751
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering37284999
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering34783890

JEE Main 2015 Cut Off for NIT Bhopal - ST Category

QuotaDiscipline nameSTOSTC
HSChemical Engineering18502334
OSChemical Engineering12341267
HSCivil Engineering5411619
OSCivil Engineering225281
HSComputer Science and Engineering4421725
OSComputer Science and Engineering588851
HSElectrical Engineering11921743
OSElectrical Engineering326504
HSElectronics and Communication Engineering7442185
OSElectronics and Communication Engineering655751
HSMechanical Engineering2681243
OSMechanical Engineering231581
HSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering13142767
OSMaterials Science and Metallurgical Engineering13671869

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