IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Rohtak Admission Criteria 2018

Last Updated - March 10 2018

IIM Rohtak Admission Criteria 2018 include 3 stages- Shortlisting for Individual appearance (PA) round, PI and WAT procedure and preparation of final shortlisted aspirants List. Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak selection procedure will commence after the declaration of CAT Result

Some highlights of the IIM Rohtak Admission Procedure are given below-

  • The overall CAT Cut Off need by a general category student is 96 percentile. 
  • Work Experience and Academics Score carry 30% weightage. 
  • CAT Score carries maximum weightage in the admission procedure i.e. 40%. 
  • After the above 2 stages, a consolidated merit list will be created.
  • Stage 2 consists of PI (Individual Interview) and WAT (Written Ability Test). They make 30% of the final score. 
  • Participants required to complete at least CAT percentile to be applicable for stage 1 of IIM Rohtak Admission Procedure.

IIM Rohtak(IIM R) is one amongst the 20 IIMs founded by the Government of India and provides admissions to PG Diploma in Management (PGDM). 

Eligibility for Individual Appearance Round

After the declaration of CAT Results, IIM Rohtak prepares a list of aspirants who are called for Individual Appearance (PA). If an aspirant does not fulfil even one of these criteria, they will not be considered for admission procedure. But the institute has set some specific criteria which an aspirant required to fulfil to be even applicable for shortlisting.

Aspirants must also take care that fulfilling these criteria only makes an aspirant applicable for admission procedure, and does not guarantee admission to IIM Rohtak.

The eligibility criteria can be divided into two parts, where any aspirant required to fulfil both of these: -

  • At Least Percentage Marks need in Class X, XII and Graduation
  • At Least Overall and Sectional Percentiles need in CAT

CAT Cut Off for shortlisting for IIM Rohtak is mentioned in the table given below:

CategorySectional Cut OffOverall Cut Off

The following table represents at least qualifying marks for class 10, 12 and graduation-

CategoryClass XClass XIIGraduation

Shortlisting Procedure for Individual Appearance Round

If an aspirant has appeared in CAT and satisfies the eligibility criteria as mentioned above, they are considered for the shortlisting procedure. For shortlisting aspirants, IIM Rohtak calculates and assigns a weighted score to each applicable aspirant, and the aspirants who are amongst the top rankers in the list of these scores, are called for Individual Appearance.

The weighted score is calculated out of 600 and considers many factors. The following factors are considered for calculating a total weighted score-

CAT Overall and Sectional Scores- CAT score of an aspirant is the biggest deciding factor for shortlisting of an aspirant and carries the maximum weightage of 150 out of 600. Thus, combining all the sectionals and overall scores, they can carry a maximum weightage of 300 out of 600. All these scores are scaled by multiplying them by 0.5. The interesting part is that overall scores and sectional scores are considered separately in the shortlisting procedure.

For example,

If an aspirant has scored 180 marks out of 300 in CAT and has scored 70, 50 and 60 marks in VARC, DILR and QA respectively, then his scores for shortlisting procedure will be taken as follows

  • Scaled VARC score: 70*0.5 = 35
  • Scaled CAT score: 180*1.5 = 270
  • Scaled QA score: 60*0.5 = 30
  • Scaled DILR score: 50*0.5 = 25

Thus, an aspirant will get 270 marks in the weighted score only because of their CAT score.

Class X score: Class X percentage score of an aspirant is also considered for shortlisting procedure. Aspirant’s percentage score is multiplied by 0.2 to be considered for shortlisting procedure. It carries a weightage of maximum 20 marks in the weighted score.

For example, if an aspirant has scored 90% in Class X, his/her score will be taken as 90*0.2 = 18.

Class XII score: Class XII percentage score carries a maximum weightage of 30 marks in the weighted score. Aspirant’s percentage score in Class XII is multiplied by 0.3, to be considered for this procedure.

For example, if an aspirant has scored 80% marks in Class XII, their score will be taken as 80*0.3 = 24.

Under Graduation Score: Under Graduation score carries a weightage of 40 marks in the weighted score. Aspirant’s percentage score in graduation is multiplied by 0.4, to be considered for this procedure.

For example, if an aspirant has scored 70% marks in graduation, his/her score will be taken as 70*0.4 = 26.

Work Experience: Aspirants who have experience of working in managerial roles in the past are given the benefit of their work experience. Various tenures (number of months) of work experience are given various weightage, where the maximum possible weightage can be of 60 marks.

Here is a table showing how many months of experience will fetch how many marks in the weighted score: -

Number of MonthsScore
0 to 110
12 to 2340
24 to 2560
36 to 4720
48 to 5910
60 or more than 600

Gender Diversity: To increase the participation of females, all IIMs have introduced gender diversity points for female aspirants. According to this, a female aspirant will be given 75 points, irrespective of her academic background or any other factor.

Academic Diversity: Similar to the gender diversity factor, IIMs have also introduced academic diversity factor. In this, an aspirant who belongs to stream of graduation other than engineering is given 75 points, irrespective of other factors. This is done to promote the diversity of academic backgrounds in IIMs.

Here is a summary of how various factors are given various weightage in the calculation of weighted score, in IIM Rohtak Admission Procedure:

FactorMaximum Weightage
CAT Score150
Sectional Scores150
Class X marks20
Class XII marks30
Graduation Marks40
Work Experience60
Academic Diversity75
Gender Diversity75

As mentioned above, aspirants who are amongst the top scorers in this round are called for Individual Appearance round.

WAT, PI & Preparation of Final Shortlisted Aspirant List

Aspirants called for Individual Appearance have to appear for Individual Interview and Written Ability Test. The two major steps involved in final shortlisting of aspirants in IIM Rohtak Admission Criteria are mentioned below: After this, they are assigned scores out of 100 and Final Shortlisted Aspirant List (FSL) is created.

Written Ability Test 

Aspirants who have been shortlisted for PA procedure have to access the venue they have been asked for and participate in the Written Ability test. In this test, they are given a topic in which they have to write a short essay.

The topics are given on the spot and can be present global and national issues or abstract ones. This is done to check the level of thinking of aspirant and knowledge of the topic.        

Individual Interview

After the written ability test, aspirants have to appear in the individual interview. This interview is generally taken by two panellists and aspirants are asked questions about their academics, work experience or individuality.

Aspirants can also be asked about present global national affairs and issues and may be asked to share their opinion on these. 

Preparation of Final Shortlisted Aspirant List 

After these steps, a final score of aspirants is prepared out of 100 where various factors get various weightage, as shown below-

CAT score40%
WAT and PI performance30%
Work Experience and Past Academics30%

Provide Acceptance Fee and Withdrawal

The projected batch size of IIM Rohtak for 2018-20 is 150. Thus, the top 150 aspirants according to the FSL will be sent provide a letter from IIM Rohtak.

  • The amount will be refunded after deduction of some procedures charges.
  • For aspirants who have registered themselves and taken the admission, the provide acceptance fee paid by them will be adjusted with the termination fee of the course.
  • Aspirants who have been sent admission letter and have accepted the same must send the Provide Acceptance Letter and Provide Acceptance Amount of INR 60,000 within the stipulated date.
  • They can also withdraw the provide acceptance amount before registering in the institution, within a defined time.
  • After registration, they will not be given any kind of refund.

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