IBPS PO Interview 2018: Importance of Your Educational Program

Last Updated - February 26 2018

For IBPS PO 2018, the results of Mains exam have been announced. Now, qualifying aspirants will appear for the interview rounds.

According to the official site of IBPS, the marks structure is quoted as below:

 “The total marks allotted for the IBPS interview are 100. The weight (ratio) of CWE (exam) and IBPS interview will be 80:20 respectively. An aspirant should qualify both in the CWE and IBPS PO interview and be sufficiently high in the merit to be shortlisted for subsequent provisional allocation procedure.” The combined final scores of aspirants shall be arrived at on the basis of scores obtained by the aspirants in CWE and IBPS Interview. The at least qualifying marks in IBPS interview will not be less than 40% (35% for SC/ ST/ OBC/ PWD aspirants).

The typical interview time is around 30-40 minutes. IBPS PO interview consists of questions from an educational background of the aspirants, individual background, present affairs, banking sector, general awareness etc.  Apart from knowledge interview panel will also grade aspirants with confidence, grooming, dressing, and demeanor.

Let us discuss how few things about educational background and knowledge will drive the interview in or against the aspirant’s favor.

We will discuss aspirant’s possible questions according to his educational background.

Commerce Graduate

Persons with prior knowledge of accounting:

  • Stay confident as you are already ahead in terms of banking knowledge but be cautious to do your homework prior to IBPS interview.
  • The aspirant should show the willingness to learn things beyond conventional banking work, as today’s banks are looking for aspirants who can adapt to multiple roles.
  • Such aspirants are expected to know the day-to-day working of the bank as it was part of their education curriculum. So be prepared for the basics of banking and brush up the accounting principles which will come handy during IBPS PO interviews.

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Engineering Graduate

Persons with technical knowledge:

  • If you are a mechanical engineer, be prepared with the response of what you learned in your engineering and how can it help you in doing the present job. Convince the interviewer with your enthusiasm for technology and how can being an engineer will give you an edge over others.
  • Learn basics of banking procedure and news about the banking sector.
  • The number of engineers is increasing every year in the number of appearing aspirants for PO exams, as entrances exams have mathematics and engineers are good with mathematics.
  • Although interviewer does have some negative perception towards engineers a logical and adept aspirant can always create a positive impression.

Science Graduate

Persons having the specialization in science:

  • Aspirant should be open to work in different domains and projects a holistic image of a person who can maintain good relationship with customers as well colleagues
  • Science graduate is expected to be analytical and should be able to crunch numbers. Convince the interviewer about your mathematical prowess and make yourself apart from the rest
  • Aspirant should be able to infuse novel ideas in the organization from the educational background by analyzing cases logically

Arts Graduate

The person specialized in Literature, humanities, and philosophy etc.:

  • Banking is about creating relationship based on trust and commitment, aspirant should flaunt their unique understanding with customers and help bank to project a more trustworthy image
  • Persons with the background of Arts have out-of-the-box perspective towards problems. Use your soft skills and innovative analyzing ability to impress the interviewers

How to Crack IBPS PO Interview?

  • Read about banking news like recent mergers, NPA, RBI policies, and demonetization
  • Be well prepared in one or two subjects pertaining to your specialization and try to drive the interview on those topics
  • Show enthusiasm for the adoption of new technology and convince them that you can drive such revolution in banking sector
  • Be confident and keep a smile during an interview because customers like happy face
  • If you know someone working for a bank, have a meet with him and ask about day-to-day working and customer interaction

We hope this will help you put your educational knowledge to great use during IBPS PO Interview. Good luck!  Make sure you work upon them too. It isn’t difficult to crack if you’ve got the right confidence and communication skills.

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