How to Crack XAT 2018 with Topper Tips?

Last Updated - March 23 2018

Xavier’s Aptitude Test is amongst the most famous management entrance examination in the country. As XAT 2018 is inching closer, the pressure and nervousness are definitely at its peak. The examination is a gateway to the premier Xavier’s institutes and 140 other business schools of the country. It is taken by around 1 lac candidates every year.

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XAT is known to test an aspirant’s Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Judgment Making, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness and Essay Writing Skills. The 210 minutes exam is not an easy nut to crack as it requires a lot of exercises. But along with the knowledge and exercise, this exam also requires a razor-sharp strategy during the preparation phase and on the exam day as well. Check XAT Exam Format

Most of the aspirants are not able to devise a proper strategy to tackle this exam. To ease your preparation journey, we bring XAT preparation strategies of students who have achieved success in this exam. They fail to understand that how they should study and what the approach should be on exam day.

Here are some of the XAT topper tips, directly from the horse’s mouth.

Anish Narula, 99.96 percentile

Anish Narula cracked XAT 2017 with flying colors, achieving a really admirable percentile of 99.96 in the exam. Anish says that your temperament is a very important part of XAT preparation as well as the execution phase.

Anish left his job for MBA test preparation and allotted proper time to each section. As VARC was his strength, he stated that his strategy was to score as high as possible in this section. However, after CAT, he shifted his focus clearly on XAT and was taking a mock every week to prepare for the exam properly. Anish also appeared in CAT and scores the 98th percentile.

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Anish also joined Career Launcher’s Night Classes for XAT. He stated that although he didn’t attend much of the classes, but stated the Gejo Sir’s lectures on Verbal Ability were very helpful. Also, Judgment Making is just like an RC, if you are good at RC, you can easily crack DM as well. Anish also advisable solving as many XAT Question Papers as possible.

Kunal Chaudhary, 99.97 Percentile

Kunal Chaudhary, after having 5 years of experience in Software Engineering, appeared for XAT 2017 and truly rocked the exam with a 99.97 percentile. Kunal had a well-founded strategy for all parts of preparation, which helped him a lot for cracking the exam.

For QA, Kunal suggests one should be very clear with basics. Looking for better methods and adapting newer methods to solve questions is always better. However, his focus was to do vocabulary and inference based questions rather than grammar based. For LR, DI and DM, he suggests that one should be good in playing with information mentally. For VARC, which was his weakest area, he read newspapers daily, adopted books like Word Power Made Easy and English Made Easy. Notes should be prepared and proper analysis of questions should be done.

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For exam day, he stated that he devoted 45 minutes to each section, and rest of the minutes to maximize his score, for whichever section possible. He also suggests that it is very important to keep calm during the exam. He suggests a golden 10-second rule for attempting the exam, which means that in 10 seconds you should be able to decide that whether a question is attemptable or not.

Preetam Modi, 99.88 percentile

With 28 months of work experience as a Software Developer, Preetam Modi appeared in XAT 2017 and secured a brilliant 99.88 percentile. After securing a seat in one of the best business schools in the country, Preetam shares his preparation strategy as follows –

Preetam says that Judgment Making can become the most scoring section if you respond the questions with an ethical viewpoint. To master this section, Preetam exercised a lot and stated that he tried to understand the explanation of each inaccurate question he did.

While QA and DM were more of a cake walk for him, VA was always his weakness. For this section, he had pre-decided to target only specific areas and prepared himself to keep calm during the exam.

Preetam started in September and had appeared for CAT as well. His CAT Result was also a commendable one, a 99.46 percentile.

Reeka Choudhary, 99.85 percentile

Being a fresher, Reeka Choudhary appeared in XAT 2017 with her clear preparation and secured a 99.85 percentile in the exam, and successfully secured a seat in XLRI. Read XAT Admission Process at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar

Reeka’s preparation plan was simple yet effective. She put in a lot of hard work and exercise for these two subjects, to ace XAT. She solved as much as past XAT Question Papers as she could, to expose herself to all possible types of questions. For QA and DI, she says that exercise is the key. While verbal was her strength, she did not find Judgment Making simple as she had no work experience and thus zero exposure to such real-life situations.

As part of her exam attempting strategy, she says that she started with the section that consumed the maximum amount of time. After going via this, she responded the other sections with a good amount of confidence. To prepare for GK section, she read newspapers daily, to make sure that she stays in touch with what is happening around the world.

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Akshit Soni, 99.9 Percentile

Starting his preparation in December, Akshit scores a scintillating 99.9 percentile in XAT 2016, to get admission in his desired business school XLRI. Let us read his preparation plan –

Before straight moving on to learning concepts, Akshit went via the past year papers to have some familiarity with the questions. For judgment making, Akshit suggests that no single source is enough. For this section, he tried to focus more on non-RC questions, like Statement conclusion and para jumbles. He was strong in quants, so it was not much of a worry for him. On the other hand, he was weak in English. In this section, he did not target too much of attempts, as his focus was more on accuracy.

As far as his attempting strategy is related, he started with quant and spent 50-55 minutes on it. After spending a similar amount of time on DM and LR, he kept 45 minutes for VARC section. Again, as mentioned above, the first targeted non-RC questions, then move on to shorter passages and tackles the larger passages in the end.

In the end, he says that keeping cool always remains important. Selection of questions is more important than having comprehensive knowledge. He calls this a manner test, rather than an aptitude test.

All the XAT Toppers mentioned above had a strategy of their own, but one thing that is common to all is their calm and composure on the exam day. To avoid such things, mocks and exercise are best sources. Prepare well and get your dream b-school via XAT 2018. Good Luck! After all the hard work you put-in for several months, make sure that you do not mess up things on the final day.

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