Top Veterinary Sciences Courses in india


Veterinary Science Courses in India are meant for only those who really have a heart for the welfare of animals. Also termed as ‘Veterinary Sciences’, it is a branch of Science which is involved in study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in animals. Veterinary Science is also referred as ‘Veterinary Medicine’ as it primarily deals with the health of all types of animals – mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes and amphibians. Veterinary Science Practitioners or Professionals are commonly known as Vets - Veterinarians and less commonly as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, probably because Vet is short and easily pronounced. The primary duty of a Veterinarian is to take care of sick and injured animals. Like doctors of humans, they treat animals; prescribe medicine, perform surgery etc. Veterinarians are considered as ‘Guardians of Animal Health and Welfare’ and ‘Guardians of Human Health’. This is because they prevent disease transmission from animals to humans and humans to animals through various agents. Various countries have different levels of Veterinary Training. There are about 450 veterinary degree programs worldwide based on the recognition of World Health Organization (WHO) or the government of a country. Only about 1/3 rd of these programs provide a doctor's degree to aspirants. In India, Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry are almost the same with minor differences in course curriculum. Veterinary Council of India conducts an All India Common Entrance Examination for admission to Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Course.

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