Top Aviation Courses in india


Civil aviation courses are those courses which provide academic and essential know-how   in the field of air transport and its related areas. The air transport carried out is non-military in nature. Civil aviation courses in India provide a platform to a candidate to become involved in a variety of professions. The output of pursuing an aviation course in India doesn’t necessarily mean a job of a commercial pilot, air hostess, steward, ground staff and other common known areas. The general impression in people’s mindsets regarding the above mentioned jobs comes when aviation institutes in India advertise these jobs and ignoring others. For someone who is not suitable or someone who likes other areas of aviation will only be disappointed not because these jobs are not available but because there is lack of awareness regarding the lesser known areas of civil aviation. There are a lot of other options that we will come to know in the latter half of this passage. A typical civil aviation institute mostly offers flying courses in India, pilot courses in India or commercial pilot courses in India. Very few, must be knowing that there are aviation management courses in India, as well. To get a better picture there are various areas of specialization in civil aviation. Depending on one’s ability and choice one can opt for any other area or its further sub-field. The major areas of civil aviation have been mentioned below, after the course list.

B.SC (AVIATION) Colleges M.SC (AVIATION) Colleges

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