Top Architecture Courses in india


Architecture courses in India are among the popular courses offered by various architecture colleges in India. Architecture is discipline which includes designing of a structural environment right from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding landscape to the micro level of architectural or construction details. Architecture is also an art, a technology and a business whose area of activity is in designing any kind of structure system. These include a wide variety of buildings, such as office and apartment buildings, schools, churches, factories, hospitals, houses and airport terminals. Also included are design complexes such as urban centers, college campuses, industrial parks and entire communities. The scope of Architecture is vast as it has varied applications even in non related areas. Architecture encompasses plumbing, sewerage system, heating, cooling, ventilation systems, electrical wiring's, landscape arrangements and so on. In some cases, interior architecture and furnishings need to be specified as well. It is interdisciplinary in nature since it relies on principles of science, arts, mathematics etc. A person involved in the occupation of Architecture is known as Architect. Basically an Architect provides professional guidance with regard to the execution of construction projects. But his role goes beyond this. He indulges in client discussions, preparation of the blueprint, budget decisions engineering, supervision, final execution, studying the environmental impact of a certain project and undertaking tasks such as site selection and materials supervision.

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